There hv been concerted efforts by members of the Oyo APC to rewrite history. They repeat so often the lie that Ibadan was a peaceful place bfr Seyi Makinde took over office on May 29, 2019. It has become a case of, repeat a lie often enough, & it begins to sound like the truth.

Immediately after he took over the government in May 2011, a violent clash erupted. The bloody clash described as "a recurring decimal" in the state saw one dead and about 10 injured.
By June 2012, there was another clash. This time between the NURTW and the PDP. The story was that the NURTW were angry that PDP members were singing Arikesola's praises. You can read the report for yourself.
May 2013 - Violence erupted on Thursday in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, when known members of the ACN and the NURTW made to disrupt a political gathering put together by the leader of Accord Party, Senator Rashidi Ladoja.
August 2013- No fewer than eleven herdsmen have been killed in the last six weeks in some parts of Oke Ogun area; Otu, Ikomu, Igbo-Ora, Iwere-Ile, Iganna, Ilaju and Ado-Awaye.
March 2014 - At least 20 people are reported to have been injured when dozens were prevented from entering the property - dubbed the "House of Horror". Locals suspect black magic rituals were behind the scores of skeletons and rotting corpses found there.
In May 2016, Governor Ajimobi spoke to Oyo farmers, particularly in Oke Ogun, over the security of their lives and farmlands in the face of continuing clashes between herdsmen and farmers.
In June 2016, Governor Ajimobi had to shut down schools in the state because of "violent protests in different parts of the city by students in protest against alleged privatisation of primary and secondary schools by the state government."
From 2016 to 2017, it was one million boys on a rampage. They sacked communities in some parts of Ibadan metropolis like Beere, Born Photo, Ilupeju, Agbokojo, Mapo, Idi-Aro and Akala Way.
December 2016 – One million boys vs Indomie boys clashes in Ibadan
May 2017 - This was Police Commissioner Abiodun Odude talking about fighting crime including abductions and the one million boys menace in 2017. Last I checked, you do not fight what does not exist.
November 2017 Farmer/herdsmen clashes are not a new thing in Oyo State either. This report shows a particularly bloody clash that left 10 injured.
By Feb 2018, the Oyo Assembly had to suggest to Governor Ajimobi to equip and "empower vigilante groups across the state, especially in rural areas, as a way of tackling threats posed by herdsmen to farmers."
In May 2018, a girl was shot on the day of the Local Govt elections. Governor Ajimobi’s govt, blamed the shooting on "the recalcitrant cultists engaging in supremacy battle in Idi Oro and Ayeye areas of Ibadan who are yet to embrace our peace initiative."
The next month, June 2018, Bodija Market had to be closed down because butchers were exchanging gunshots with policemen
As late as February 2019, hoodlums were still running amok in no other place than an APC campaign rally in Igboora area of Oyo State. A bloody clash left two dead.
And just before Ajimobi left office in 2019, in fact, during his thanksgiving service at the Cathedral of St James, Oke-Bola, Ibadan, an SOS was sent to the Federal Government to take "proactive steps…to rein in bandits, sacking and killing farmers."
It is worthy of note that the remote causes of the issues that escalated into the mayhem of Friday and Saturday, 12th -13th February 2021, have been brewing for decades. In fact, Governor Ajimobi was invited to look into the issue in 2017

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