Delhi High Court begins hearing petiton challenging new privacy policy of WhatsApp.

Hearing is before Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva.

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It's about updated privacy policy: Adv Manohar Lal

It is a private app. What is your grievance? Don't join it : Court
Other apps will also join in : Lal

What is the data? : Court
I have written to Centre. There was no reply. There should be some law : Lal

What is the data being compromised? : Court
Lal reads the petition.

What information? : Court

Everything..: Lal
There are two issues. One is that your personal messages are looked into. Other is browsing history.. : Court

They analyse my behavior : Lal

Not just WhatsApp but all platforms do that : Court
I can't understand your concern. If you feel WhatsApp will compromise data, delete WhatsApp: Court
Some other platform will do it : Lal

Don't use them. Do you use Google maps?: Court
Yes: Lal

Do you know Google Maps also shares data : Court
We have to look at the petition : ASG Chetan Sharma
I'm appearing for @WhatsApp : Senior Adv Mukul Rohatgi

I'm appearing for WhatsApp. You are for @Facebook : Senior Adv Kapil Sibal
Private chats are completely encrypted. The change is for business WhatsApp: Rohatgi
All social chats between friends, relatives whatever is completely encrypted: Rohatgi

I've read that the policy is deferred. We'll have it on another day : Court
Users don't have to message with businesses if they don't want to. This petition itself is not maintainable: Sibal
I appear for Facebook. The petition is not maintainable: Senior Adv Arvind Datar
Court may issue notice: Lal
Court proceeds to adjourn hearing till January 25.

Is it virtual hearing? : Lal

Yes : Court
My senior colleagues I'm sure also have the same concerns: Lal

I doubt if you've read the terms and conditions of any of the apps that you use: Court
Hearing over.
[WhatsApp Privacy Policy] If you feel WhatsApp will compromise data, delete it: Delhi High Court [FULL STORY]

@WhatsApp @Facebook

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