195 #terrorists neutralized in 86 operations this year in #Jammu & #Kashmir. #Pakistan in Panic.
Year 2020 saw an all out assault on terror outfits including crackdown on terror-funding, OGWs as well as clampdown on separatists supporting these terror outfits.

Some of the top #terrorists eliminated this year included Hizbul’s Commander Reyaz Naiko, Junaid Sehrai, Dr Saifullah, Sajad Nawabi, Asif Dar, AGH Commander Burhan Koka, Tahir Bhat, IED expert Ikram alias Faujibhai, Zubair Wani, Waleed & Jaish #Kashmir Chief Qari Yasir.
Such coordinated actions has left the terror outfits in #Kashmir with no leadership, no money or weapons. Todays most of the new recruits are running around with country made/Chinese pistols.
Rattled by #Indian security forces relentless operations against terrorism in #Kashmir, #Pakistan is showing clear signs of desperation by resorting to more than 4000 ceasefire violations this year, highest in last 2 decades.
#Pakistan even resorted to new methods to smuggle weapons across the border by using drones and digging long tunnels across LC. Each such attempt was comprehensively thwarted by the every vigilant #IndianArmy.
And to add insult to the injury for #Pakistan, the successful conduct of #DDCElections2020 which saw overwhelming participation from the people of #Kashmir, leaving Pakistan’s false narrative of Kashmir shamelessly exposed in the world community.
#Pakistan tried its best to disrupt the #DDCElections in #Kashmir by sending heavily armed terrorists across the LC to sabotage the elections, but these #terrorists were intercepted and neutralized by #IndianArmy in #Nagrota averting a major terror attack.
The successful completion of the 8th & final phase of #DDCElections which saw common #Kashmiris coming out to caste their vote to show their trust in democracy has left #Pakistan in panic..
..perhaps that only can explain #Pakistan's Foreign Minister’s scandalous allegations against India, accusing it of planning surgical strike in #Pakistan.

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Rig Ved 1.36.7

To do a Namaskaar or bow before someone means that you are humble or without pride and ego. This means that we politely bow before you since you are better than me. Pranipaat(प्राणीपात) also means the same that we respect you without any vanity.


Surrendering False pride is Namaskaar. Even in devotion or bhakti we say the same thing. We want to convey to Ishwar that we have nothing to offer but we leave all our pride and offer you ourselves without any pride in our body. You destroy all our evil karma.


We bow before you so that you assimilate us and make us that capable. Destruction of our evils and surrender is Namaskaar. Therefore we pray same thing before and after any big rituals.


तं घे॑मि॒त्था न॑म॒स्विन॒ उप॑ स्व॒राज॑मासते ।
होत्रा॑भिर॒ग्निं मनु॑षः॒ समिं॑धते तिति॒र्वांसो॒ अति॒ स्रिधः॑॥

Translation :

नमस्विनः - To bow.

स्वराजम् - Self illuminating.

तम् - His.

घ ईम् - Yours.

इत्था - This way.

उप - Upaasana.

आसते - To do.

स्त्रिधः - For enemies.


अति तितिर्वांसः - To defeat fast.

मनुषः - Yajman.

होत्राभिः - In seven numbers.

अग्निम् - Agnidev.

समिन्धते - Illuminated on all sides.

Explanation : Yajmans bow(do Namaskaar) before self illuminating Agnidev by making the offerings of Havi.