Indian Investing Conclave Day 1 @IIC_2020

:Route Mobile
:Philip Carbon Black
:Borosil Ltd
:Arvind Ltd
:Hawkins Cooker
:Repco Homes
:Shaily Engineering Plastics

Route Mobile @ravidharamshi77

Investment Hypothesis in CPaaS companies

:Crossed the technology adoption chasm
:Huge addressable opportunity - Industry growth estimates 30-50%
:Profitable Unit Economics, Cash Generating, Incremental Cost Low

CPaaS growing at 40%
Route Mobile

:Applications served by route mobile - Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google Pay to name a few
:Route mobile platform used for : 2 factor authentication, Notification for customer engagement across portfolio of apps
Route Mobile Key points

:Scaled upto 1200cr of revenue from internal accruals
:Huge runway for growth
:Multi geography and Omni-Channel presence
:Cash available for M&A
:Scope of margin improvement
:Demonstrated ability to move up the value scale
Philips Carbon Black @sarkaraniruddha

:Indias largest carbon black manufacturer
:Where is carbon black used, Tyre Rubber(73%), Non Tyre Rubber (20%), Non Rubber Speciality Carbon (7%)

Industry Size & Capacity Addition
1.3 Million Tonnes capacity and PCB has 43% market share
Speciality Carbon : Joker in the Pack

:Launched 40 grades of speciality carbon
:FY 16 Sales : 4825 MT, FY 20 Sales : 19,378 MT
:Diversified Application : Consumer appliances, Packaging Industry, Food Packaging, Agriculture Pipes, Construction Pipes, Construction pipes
Innovation & Customer needs

:Company has spent 40cr over the last 3 years on R&D
:Company having almost all tyre companies in India as their customers
:Almost all major tyre companies to increase capacities over next 2-3 years
Borosil Ltd - Hitesh K (Aksa Capital)

:Glass & Microwave (Market Size 5.5 Bn, Growth 10%)
:Storageware (Market Size 7Bn, Growth 15%)
:Opalware (Market Sie 6Bn, Growth 15-20%)
:Kitchen Appliance (Market Size 90 Bn, Growth 10%)
:Cookware (Market Size 40 Bn, Growth 20%)
Scientific Segment : Huge Growth Scope

:Acquired Klasspack to leverage its reach with pharma companies & expand its glass expertise into everyday consumables
:Total Addressable Market Size : 10,000 cr

Borosil Vs Glassco (Laboratoryware)
Borosil Vs Competitors
Borosil Ltd Investment Thesis

:Leveraging on strong brand equity
:Protected its leadership in glassware segment
:Consistently expanding its products outside glassware
:Pharma Packaging is set for substantial growth
Hawkins @GreenEdgeWealth

Size of Opportunity
:Kitchenware market size : 15000 cr
:Hawkins addressable market size : 2500 cr, growing at 6%

Entry Barriers
:Duopoly market in cooker
:High supply chain costs
:New entrant to fight on pricing with higher costs and working capital
Long term demand drivers
:Introduction of LPG (Ujjwala Yojana)
:Nuclearization of families
:New product launches

Hawkins Vs TTK Prestige
Arvind Ltd

Business Segment

:Textiles - Denim, woven, voiles
:Technical Textile - Advanced Material Division
:Waste water treatment (Through Arvind Envisol)
:Suitings, Shirting etc.
Advanced materials Division (AMD)

:Demand for advance material growing at 10% CAGR
:Exports constitutes of 50% of total AM revenue
:Targeting to reach sales of 2500 cr in AMD by FY24/25
:Huge potential to generate valuable IP and has great domestic and export growth potential
Growth Drivers
:Domestically textile is expected to grow at 8-10% over next 5 years
:Rapid shift to branded apparels in India
:Possible textile orders from clients moving out of china

Revenue Segment
Repco Homes @MaximalCapital

Lending nature
:Affordable HFC (12 l ticket size)
:50% are non salaried
:Lending rates in double digit
:Location : Small towns and outskirts
Investment Rationale
:Best in class RoE player with PSU valuations
:Available at extremely cheap valuations
:New CEO is focused on minting balance between risks and growth

Valuation Study
Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd.

Investment Rationale
:China +1 opportunity for growth on new verticals
:Introduction of new products - Complex polymers, Steel Furniture, Mixed Material
:Company seeking new growth areas with higher margin
:Pharma Packaging, Pharma Device
Revenue can grow substantially over next 3-4 years
:Pharma devices division can grow 2-3 x FY20
:Toys could be as big as their home furnishing segment over the next few years
:Signed 2of3 largest toy companies globally who are sourcing usd 4bn from china

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