💪 And we're down to the last 48 hours until the biggest live-streamed startup event hosted by @thepatwalls & @shipstreams kicks off!

With this, let's get motivated with some curated readings & posts by fellow #24hrstartup participants & indie makers. Check them out below!

✍️ Andrew Parrish wrote - "Why I'm Participating in the 24 Hour Startup Challenge".

@makersup's takeaway - Makers love possibilities, the joy of building. Any aspiring maker should experience the end of lurking on forums & reading @wip's to-dos.

Read: https://t.co/3y2mcNQFTR
👩‍💻 @anthilemoon created a list of @women_make_ members participating in the #24hrstartup challenge. Do let her know if she missed anyone!

More at: https://t.co/zYKVZEq8aq
😺 We can't forget one of the key platforms in shipping indie, can we, @ProductHunt?

Check out @ProductHunt's guide to launching at: https://t.co/VB6WgGx6sa.

In addition, it would be wise to prepare for the launch. Fine tune your assets and post at https://t.co/E7EcJ9CaSW!
🚢 Well, we definitely can't leave out the man behind all of this, @thepatwalls!

Launching isn't easy, but know what you'll be facing even before coding. Check out @thepatwalls' "words of shipping" at:

📚 Shipping isn't restricted to coding and developing. I'm sure @anthilemoon can agree with this!

Get some tips and motivation from @anthilemoon's blog post about how she wrote an e-book in 1 month and sold 130+ copies in 1 week!

Check it out at: https://t.co/s7MF8Gyzk9.
Stay tuned, follow @makersup to stay updated with more content.

🚢 We'll continue to expand this thread as we run into more motivational stories, and inspirational blog posts that will help you #24hrstartup participants to ship, ship, ship!
📺 Every #24hrstartup participant will be shipping live, why not get tips from someone who has done it?

Check out his live-stream for @KanbanMail's launch on @ProductHunt!

Part 1 https://t.co/I7AoXSI6Cd &
Part 2 https://t.co/7PMcyARRAR &
Part 3 https://t.co/x2ShY8pys9
For clarification - check out @Booligoosh’s live-stream while launching @KanbanMail on @ProductHunt!

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Following @BAUDEGS I have experienced hateful and propagandist tweets time after time. I have been shocked that an academic community would be so reckless with their publications. So I did some research.
The question is:
Is this an official account for Bahcesehir Uni (Bau)?

Bahcesehir Uni, BAU has an official website
https://t.co/ztzX6uj34V which links to their social media, leading to their Twitter account @Bahcesehir

BAU’s official Twitter account

BAU has many departments, which all have separate accounts. Nowhere among them did I find @BAUDEGS
@BAUOrganization @ApplyBAU @adayBAU @BAUAlumniCenter @bahcesehirfbe @baufens @CyprusBau @bauiisbf @bauglobal @bahcesehirebe @BAUintBatumi @BAUiletisim @BAUSaglik @bauebf @TIPBAU

Nowhere among them was @BAUDEGS to find