💪 And we're down to the last 48 hours until the biggest live-streamed startup event hosted by @thepatwalls & @shipstreams kicks off!

With this, let's get motivated with some curated readings & posts by fellow #24hrstartup participants & indie makers. Check them out below!

✍️ Andrew Parrish wrote - "Why I'm Participating in the 24 Hour Startup Challenge".

@makersup's takeaway - Makers love possibilities, the joy of building. Any aspiring maker should experience the end of lurking on forums & reading @wip's to-dos.

Read: https://t.co/3y2mcNQFTR
👩‍💻 @anthilemoon created a list of @women_make_ members participating in the #24hrstartup challenge. Do let her know if she missed anyone!

More at: https://t.co/zYKVZEq8aq
😺 We can't forget one of the key platforms in shipping indie, can we, @ProductHunt?

Check out @ProductHunt's guide to launching at: https://t.co/VB6WgGx6sa.

In addition, it would be wise to prepare for the launch. Fine tune your assets and post at https://t.co/E7EcJ9CaSW!
🚢 Well, we definitely can't leave out the man behind all of this, @thepatwalls!

Launching isn't easy, but know what you'll be facing even before coding. Check out @thepatwalls' "words of shipping" at:

📚 Shipping isn't restricted to coding and developing. I'm sure @anthilemoon can agree with this!

Get some tips and motivation from @anthilemoon's blog post about how she wrote an e-book in 1 month and sold 130+ copies in 1 week!

Check it out at: https://t.co/s7MF8Gyzk9.
Stay tuned, follow @makersup to stay updated with more content.

🚢 We'll continue to expand this thread as we run into more motivational stories, and inspirational blog posts that will help you #24hrstartup participants to ship, ship, ship!
📺 Every #24hrstartup participant will be shipping live, why not get tips from someone who has done it?

Check out his live-stream for @KanbanMail's launch on @ProductHunt!

Part 1 https://t.co/I7AoXSI6Cd &
Part 2 https://t.co/7PMcyARRAR &
Part 3 https://t.co/x2ShY8pys9
For clarification - check out @Booligoosh’s live-stream while launching @KanbanMail on @ProductHunt!

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“We don’t negotiate salaries” is a negotiation tactic.

Always. No, your company is not an exception.

A tactic I don’t appreciate at all because of how unfairly it penalizes low-leverage, junior employees, and those loyal enough not to question it, but that’s negotiation for you after all. Weaponized information asymmetry.

Listen to Aditya

And by the way, you should never be worried that an offer would be withdrawn if you politely negotiate.

I have seen this happen *extremely* rarely, mostly to women, and anyway is a giant red flag. It suggests you probably didn’t want to work there.

You wish there was no negotiating so it would all be more fair? I feel you, but it’s not happening.

Instead, negotiate hard, use your privilege, and then go and share numbers with your underrepresented and underpaid colleagues. […]