SAIL - I am not holding it as of now. Chart for learning purposes. I always have a bullish bias for a stock in a particular sector that is performing so well.

A typical example of stock taking a pause in between during its upwards journey.

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Views are for educational purpose.

Riding from levels of 47 (Refer old tweet, tagged)

Impulse wave cycle + subs, completed and now waves adjusted.

This major wave 5 will only unfold, once it gives a closing above 153 levels on a weekly basis.

Pic 1 is for investors

Another condition (refer 2nd image) is formation of a pennant (giving a sneak peak for a BO, closing awaited).
This is for short term / positional players

OI data is skewed because of expiry & will be misleading currently.

DYOR for opportunities

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# Using Google Colab
# Importing libraries
# Making a Random Time Series of Black Field Research Stock (fictional)

# Using Google Colab

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Create a new Notebook at and name it AnythingOfYourChoice.ipynb

You got your notebook ready and now the game is on!
You can add code in these cells and add as many cells as you want

# Importing Libraries

Imports are pretty standard, with a few exceptions.
For the most part, you can import your libraries by running the import.
Type this in the first cell you see. You need not worry about what each of these does, we will understand it later.