सबके पीछे जाओंगे कुछ भी ना पाएँगे ..just do practice

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17% need workshop. 😂😀

This is my simple trading.
Trading Strategies 101

14 "must-try" trading strategies you can start using today: 🧵

Collaborated with @niki_poojary

We'll break these into portions of:

1. Intraday Trading Techniques
2. Positional Trading Techniques
3. Indicator Applications

1/ 6 Intraday Strategies 🧵

How to Filter Stocks for Intraday

2/ Intraday BNF strangle based on OI data. 🧵

3/ A few setups to make intraday trading easy.
A Thread on How to NOT do blunders while selling Options. 🧵🪡

1. Never be Greedy in a High Vix Environment.

Sellers selling OTM get lured by higher premiums and sell near ATM or more than they usually do, this will burn your hand as High premiums also mean that you will end up giving higher premium back than usual as soom as it spikes.

2. Hope

Hope drives a man crazy and this is true for trading the most, hoping for a reversal to cut the pain. Humans have a tendency to avoid the pain and one does not accept the pain by not booking a loss

Tom Hougaard explains this well below.


3. Not having a setup in non directional Selling

You cannot make money long term if you don’t have a set of rules or adjustments in place already if you are trading long term. Make a plan or a system so that you always know how to survive. Your Position is non D not the market.

4. Getting Egoistic

Many people think they are supreme because they are selling options much likely because of the Trend on Twitter in the community,
You are a trader think like one and remain one trading a certain way does not make you better.

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The Swastik is a geometrical figure and an ancient religious icon. Swastik has been Sanatan Dharma’s symbol of auspiciousness – mangalya since time immemorial.

The name swastika comes from Sanskrit (Devanagari: स्वस्तिक, pronounced: swastik) &denotes “conducive to wellbeing or auspicious”.
The word Swastik has a definite etymological origin in Sanskrit. It is derived from the roots su – meaning “well or auspicious” & as meaning “being”.

"सु अस्ति येन तत स्वस्तिकं"
Swastik is de symbol through which everything auspicios occurs

Scholars believe word’s origin in Vedas,known as Swasti mantra;

"🕉स्वस्ति ना इन्द्रो वृधश्रवाहा
स्वस्ति ना पूषा विश्ववेदाहा
स्वस्तिनास्तरक्ष्यो अरिश्तनेमिही
स्वस्तिनो बृहस्पतिर्दधातु"

It translates to," O famed Indra, redeem us. O Pusha, the beholder of all knowledge, redeem us. Redeem us O Garudji, of limitless speed and O Bruhaspati, redeem us".


The Swastika represents the living creation in the whole Cosmos.

Hindu astronomers divide the ecliptic circle of cosmos in 27 divisions called
https://t.co/sLeuV1R2eQ this manner a cross forms in 4 directions in the celestial sky. At centre of this cross is Dhruva(Polestar). In a line from Dhruva, the stars known as Saptarishi can be observed.