6-Month Personal MBA (Book List):

Month 1
• Strategy: Zero to One
• Entrepreneurship: The Lean Startup

Month 2
• Accounting: Financial Intelligence
• Per. Finance: I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Month 3
• Marketing: 22 Laws of Marketing
• Operations: The Goal

Month 4
• Systems Thinking: Thinking in Systems
• Public Speaking: Steal the Show

Month 5
• Negotiation: Never Split the Difference
• Networking: Power Connector

Month 6
• Leadership: Teams of Teams
• Effectiveness: Almanack of Naval
That was a 6-month personal MBA.

All it takes to complete? Read 30 mins/day.

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More from Ben Meer

10 free websites so useful they should come pre-bookmarked on every browser:

1. Quillbot

A free paraphrasing website (popular among students).

• Input text and hit Rephrase
• Get AI-inspiration on how to rewrite
• Scan text for plagiarism (built-in feature)
• Credit sources


2. 12ft Ladder

Want to read an article, but there’s a paywall?

Simply insert the URL into 12ft Ladder.

All sites have a non-paywall version they send to Google for SEO.

12ft finds the cached, un-paywalled version of the page.

Now you’re in.


3. Untools

Benefit from a collection of thinking tools and frameworks.

Categories include:

• Systems thinking
• Decision making
• Problem solving
• Communication


4. UnrollMe

Is your inbox overflowing with email subscriptions?

Use UnrollMe to bulk unsubscribe (it's free).

Another cool feature? “Roll-up” subscriptions into a single email.

You’ll be *many* steps closer to inbox zero.


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