Digital ad spend is up 31% this year.

More competition, more expensive clicks.

How to master 5 FREE marketing channels:

1. Email Newsletters

Ethan Brooks offers a million dollars of value in this mega-thread on how to build a 7-figure newsletter empire:
2. SEO

Hrishikesh Pardeshi, founder of Flexiple and Buildd, reveals his 30-step framework for how a startup should approach SEO:
2. SEO (continued)

Yannick from Hypefury delivers a powerful guide to key SEO concepts with examples, tools and recommended videos to dive deeper.
3. Organic Twitter

Learn how Aadit Sheth writes killer threads that have earned him over 80K followers:
4. Community

Follow the Bored Ape Yacht Club (342K followers) for a blueprint on community.

What began with ape NFTs has evolved into a wild subculture that includes clothing, meetups, mutants, online games and aping into a whole new way of life.
5. Cold Email (B2B)

Learn how Will Cannon has built a $70M B2B SaaS company by perfecting cold outreach:
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A professional logo could cost your startup $1,000 or more.

But logos don't generate customers.

How to design a killer startup logo in 5 minutes, for free:

New entrepreneurs often get hung up on trivial details like logos.

It's what Paul Graham calls "playing house":

Focusing on the trappings of business instead of what really drives growth.

So let's solve your logo problem in 5 minutes.

First off, let's head over to Logo To Use:

This insane site has millions of pro-quality logos that are free to use.

Their license is 100% clear. No concerns here:

We're going to pick a random design.

This one looks good: "Hues"

Oh no! Our startup is not called "Hues".

Not to worry. Click that Download button and save the Hues SVG file to your desktop.

Note: SVG stands for "Scalable Vector Graphics".

At the end of this tutorial you'll have a file that looks crisp at any size.
22 Powerful Ideas from Startup Founders

Startups succeed when they solve

Choose your customers

Resist the lure of new ideas when the real work begins:

Consider all paths and points of
Startups are HARD.

But you can reduce mistakes by learning from the best.

10 threads to 10x your startup progress:

First-Time Founder Mistakes

Who: @siddharthm83

You'll learn: Hiring, firing and everything in

The CEO's Job

Who: @theryanking

You'll learn: How the CEO makes a company

A Great Onboarding Experience

Who: @RamliJohn

You'll learn: How to wow + hook new

Building an MVP as a Non-Technical Founder

Who: @myfriendjanine

You'll learn: Simple steps to get from problem to

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Master list of how to SCRAPE any category of leads.

Ecommerce, local biz, B2B, LinkedIn searches, info product sellers, enterprise, ANYTHING.

Likes / Retweets appreciated.


1/ Ecommerce Stores


Further filter based on apps installed.

Selling email marketing?

Shopify + Klaviyo

Instantly unlock direct email addresses of decision makers WITH LinkedIn profiles.

Emails are already verified, no need to do it yourself.

2/ Local Biz


"Find B2C local businesses"

Specify country, state, city, sort by ratings.

Instantly unlocks generic email addresses.

But wait

You need direct owner emails.

Take the list of domains, and plug them into Klean Leads "Find B2B contacts"


It will process and spit out *direct* email addresses of the titles you specify.

3/ LinkedIn Searches

Let's scrape marketing agencies.

Go to LinkedIn and type in "marketing agency" (just an example)

Click "all filters"

Connections: 2nd, 3rd

Location: US

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

Titles: owner OR founder OR CEO OR CMO


Let's scrape it

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