1) I was 30 years old. And in what many would consider a dream job. But I was pretty miserable. Because I knew I was letting my real dream--to become a screenwriter/filmmaker--die.

2) Sitting in my office one night, it hit me, if I did let the dream die, I would become toxic, because that's what death does, and that toxicity would ooze out of me, onto those I loved.
3)In that instant, I decided to make a shift, to find a way to finally, after years of denying it, do the thing. Try, at least. So I went to my best friend, @DavidLevien, who was already writing, and asked him for help.
4) David gave me The Artist's Way and said that when we had the right idea, he and I would write a screenplay together.
5) Soon thereafter, I had to good luck of walking into an illegal poker club in NYC, called David in the middle of the night, and we decided to write the thing.
6) we began outlining it, meeting whenever we could. And then, finally, on Columbus Day, 24 years ago today, we met at my office at work, because the company was closed for the holiday, and we started writing the actual script.
7) We wrote the first 10 pages that day, Oreos included, were off and running. Ever since, no matter what, we work on Columbus Day, together, this year, on video conference.
8) Whatever that creative thing is that you know you you're meant to do, but it scares you, do it, try. You don't have to quit your job. You don't have to tell the world. You just have to try, a little every day. And you can start on this day.

More from Life

1/ Here’s a list of conversational frameworks I’ve picked up that have been helpful.

Please add your own.

2/ The Magic Question: "What would need to be true for you

3/ On evaluating where someone’s head is at regarding a topic they are being wishy-washy about or delaying.

“Gun to the head—what would you decide now?”

“Fast forward 6 months after your sabbatical--how would you decide: what criteria is most important to you?”

4/ Other Q’s re: decisions:

“Putting aside a list of pros/cons, what’s the *one* reason you’re doing this?” “Why is that the most important reason?”

“What’s end-game here?”

“What does success look like in a world where you pick that path?”

5/ When listening, after empathizing, and wanting to help them make their own decisions without imposing your world view:

“What would the best version of yourself do”?

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