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@cjkink If you were a true journalist, you'd do your own research about the capitol riots. Instead, you focus on 'orange man cult'. The video used in the sham impeachment of a private US citizen was of JaydenX (AKA Jake Sullivan, a known Antifa). Jake has organized riots before.

He's been charged numerous times and released. He's probably being paid by Obama's terrorist networks. If you had done your research, you would have scoured JaydenX website It's quite simple...go to newsletter, then archive, then Jan 2021 and you'll see

Let me help you with a little bit of your FAKE JOURNALISM. Here's a few screencaps. JaydenX organized, advertised, and orchestrated the attack upon the Capitol. He wore a go-pro cam on his hat to help him fulfill/document his actions. He hated TRUMP and wanted to dump Trump!

JaydenX wanted the fascist out of the White House. He instructed his Antifa Comrades to dress like Proud Boys (he personally wore Trump gear while rioting, despite him hating Trump). He trolled MAGA people and knew where they were lodging in hotels throughout DC and VA.

It helped JaydenX and his vile crew to be staying in the same hotels as they mixed in nicely with the MAGA people. In addition, JaydenX ordered his Antifa comrades to bring tactical gear and wear bullet-proof vests. MAGA people NEVER bring umbrellas or crowbars to rallies.
Instead of attacking those of us raising it, why aren’t mainstream “liberal” journalists on here as outraged as we are about how many senior Democratic Party figures seem to have been compromised by Chinese spies?

Genocide is non-negotiable


See examples:

1) Dem Senator Feinstein’s staffer for 20 years outed as a Chinese spy

2) Dem Eric Swallwell caught in a female Chinese spy’s snare:

3) Dem Senator Boxer registers as a foreign agent for Chinese surveillance firm:

3) Dem Hunter Biden allegedly invests in Megvii, a firm accused of helping to round up Uyghurs using A+++ facial recognition technology