Only 1 / 67 antivirus engines list SUNBURST backdoor as malicious - SolarWinds.Orion.Core.BusinessLayer.dll #SUNBURST #UNC2452

SolarWinds' digital certificate hasn't been revoked yet.
The full compromised package is still being hosted online as well 😓 hxxps://downloads.solarwinds[.]com/solarwinds/CatalogResources/Core/2019.4/2019.4.5220.20574/SolarWinds-Core-v2019.4.5220-Hotfix5.msp
Job class within the backdoored #Sunburst DLL is pretty straight forward and aligns with @FireEye's analysis. CollectSystemDescription:
#UNC2452 prefers MD5 for their file hashing routine
#UNC2452's DirList is savvy enough to always expand environment variables. Doesn't appear to have any recursion or depth arguments for DirWalk'ing.
Use of token manipulation was underwhelming. Sets process privilege to SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege, SeRestorePrivilege, and SeShutdownPrivilege.
Domain1 =
(just like the report said). Thus far all analysis has held up (no real surprise there).
One of the anomalous #SUNBURST DLLs from October 2019 that Microsoft highlighted can be found in the SolarWinds Coreinstall.msi for 2019.4.5220.20161 - hxxps://downloads.solarwinds[.]com/solarwinds/CatalogResources/Core/2019.4/2019.4.5220.20161/CoreInstaller.msi
Malicious #SUNBURST DLL CE77D116A074DAB7A22A0FD4F2C1AB475F16EEC42E1DED3C0B0AA8211FE858D6 from May 2020 can be found in CoreInstaller.msi for 2020.2.5320.27438 -hxxps://downloads.solarwinds[.]com/solarwinds/CatalogResources/Core/2020.2/2020.2.5320.27438/CoreInstaller.msi
Malicious #SUNBUST DLL 019085A76BA7126FFF22770D71BD901C325FC68AC55AA743327984E89F4B0134 from April 2020 can be found in CoreInstaller.msi for 2020.2.5220.27327 - hxxps://downloads.solarwinds[.]com/solarwinds/CatalogResources/Core/2020.2/2020.2.5220.27327/CoreInstaller.msi

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A thread of resources for aspiring & new Product Managers:

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(oh, and pls also share *your* favorite resources below)



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Brief interruption.

It’s important to understand your preferred learning style and go all in on that learning style (vs. struggling / procrastinating as you force a non-preferred learning

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I hate when I learn something new (to me) & stunning about the Jeff Epstein network (h/t MoodyKnowsNada.)

Where to begin?

So our new Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's stepfather, Samuel Pisar, was "longtime lawyer and confidant of...Robert Maxwell," Ghislaine Maxwell's Dad.

"Pisar was one of the last people to speak to Maxwell, by phone, probably an hour before the chairman of Mirror Group Newspapers fell off his luxury yacht the Lady Ghislaine on 5 November, 1991."

OK, so that's just a coincidence. Moving on, Anthony Blinken "attended the prestigious Dalton School in New York City"...wait, what?

Dalton School...Dalton School...rings a

Oh that's right.

The dad of the U.S. Attorney General under both George W. Bush & Donald Trump, William Barr, was headmaster of the Dalton School.

Donald Barr was also quite a

I'm not going to even mention that Blinken's stepdad Sam Pisar's name was in Epstein's "black book."

Lots of names in that book. I mean, for example, Cuomo, Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen - all in that book, and their reputations are spotless.
I just finished Eric Adler's The Battle of the Classics, and wanted to say something about Joel Christiansen's review linked below. I am not sure what motivates the review (I speculate a bit below), but it gives a very misleading impression of the book. 1/x

The meat of the criticism is that the history Adler gives is insufficiently critical. Adler describes a few figures who had a great influence on how the modern US university was formed. It's certainly critical: it focuses on the social Darwinism of these figures. 2/x

Other insinuations and suggestions in the review seem wildly off the mark, distorted, or inappropriate-- for example, that the book is clickbaity (it is scholarly) or conservative (hardly) or connected to the events at the Capitol (give me a break). 3/x

The core question: in what sense is classics inherently racist? Classics is old. On Adler's account, it begins in ancient Rome and is revived in the Renaissance. Slavery (Christiansen's primary concern) is also very old. Let's say classics is an education for slaveowners. 4/x

It's worth remembering that literacy itself is elite throughout most of this history. Literacy is, then, also the education of slaveowners. We can honor oral and musical traditions without denying that literacy is, generally, good. 5/x