UK Government just released 70 pages of case studies today, showing how the borders will operate after 1 January 2021.

They're essentially hardcore porn for red tape fetishists.

Doomed, we are. Doomed.

(e.g. exporting fish; exporting mechanical goods)

This is exactly what should have been presented years ago so that firms could prepare.

Or, arguably, before the Brexit referendum. Just the 70 pages of case studies released TODAY could have tipped the result the other way. Not everyone is blinded by sovrinty & hating forrins.
Going back to the examples...

The person in France buying (say) UK mechanical goods will take one look at the procedures involved, and Google an alternative supplier inside the EU instead.
As for the fish, they could probably swim to their intended destination faster of their own accord than following the new process, if only they had water in between to traverse.

The purchasers will smell them coming a mile away.
Auto parts. I am practically weeping at my keyboard.
In short, this is by far the most important document nobody will report on today.
Added: just to be crystal clear...

The 70 pages of case studies were only published TODAY, 31 December 2020. (As was the revised version of the main document, reflecting the Brexit deal.) This is brand new stuff, never seen by businesses.
Since you made it all the way to the end of this thread (congrats; don't forget to download your copy of the original document) you may also be interested in this list of Brexit changes I've compiled. Gives you some idea of what will happen from tomorrow.
Cheeky little plug: I have a book on Brexit out.

It combines a bucket of facts (700 references) with the kind of gallows humour you've seen in my tweets, and debunks two dozen Brexit myths.

Paperback looks pretty on a coffee table (Kindle available too).

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