"The MAD Primer of Bigots, Extremists and Other Loose Ends," from September 1969.

Seen a couple of these panels make the rounds from time to time, so here's the complete set of 10 (something to amuse and/or offend almost everyone).

Chapter 1: The Super Patriot
Chapter 2: The Ku Klux Klansman
Chapter 3: The American Student
Chapter 4: The Right-Wing Extremist
Chapter 5: The American Nazi
Chapter 6: The Yippies
Chapter 7: The Black Militant
Chapter 8: The Looters
Chapter 9: The Rabble Rouser

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In the spirit of @threadapalooza, here are all my tweets on building courses, all in one place with 1 line summaries

Continually updating...

Everything I know about how to create a transformational online course

Let's go 👇

1/ The thread that started it all, a collection of my essays and checklists on the

2/ There are two stages to building a successful online course business - launch and your first students

They require mastering different skill

3/ Avoid the same mistakes I made over the last 15 years doing this

4/ Great online courses are not about the transfer of knowledge

They're about the transformation of students

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