the dumbest funniest most horrifying thing just happened to me and I'm gonna tell you guys about it in case you need a deep gutteral belly laugh

so for xmas I booked a room at a nice hotel in NY for a night just for me, just to get out of the apt, just to do something kind of nice
I have never ordered room service in my life but I was like I'm gonna do it!! It's gonna be a treat!! It will make me forget I am alone!!
i was looking at the dessert section of the menu and it had al these normal things and then also chocolate mousse, except it specified that it's "for two." I'm like sure whatever I can eat a lot of mousse it's fine
It comes (along with my chamomile tea and burger for 1) in a giant bowl with a spatula stuck in it. I'm like hm interesting I wonder what the spatula is for. Also if it's "for two" why is it in one bowl
Folks, it is sex mousse.
I sent some friends this pic and was like "haha hand for scale"
"Delia what does it actually say on the menu?" Guys it's called "the deal closer."
anyway THE END. I ordered sex mousse for my home alone Xmas night. S/o to the room service guy for giving me nonjudgemental eyes as he hands it over with my chamomile as I stood in my glasses and sweatpants. Merry Xmas to all and to all a good night.

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A thread on @Dream, his friends, Minecraft, insane Twitter engagement, and more:

Dream & friends' (@GeorgeNotFound, @tommyinnit, @Quackity, @TubboLive, @WilburSoot, etc) meteoric rise and the massive return of Minecraft has been one of the most amazing gaming stories this year.

1/ What do Dream and crew get so right?

On the surface, it's clear that they show the power of good storytelling and each of our desires to "hang out" with a group of friends that are having fun.

(image @Animagician_)

2/ This remains one of, if not the most important draws for great parasocial content -- whether it be Seinfeld, @DavidDobrik's vlogs, or Dream SMP content, the same is true:

We want to feel a little less alone and spend time in the worlds of these friends we know so much about.

3/ Watching this new wave of superstars take over YouTube / Twitch / Twitter gaming cultures has been incredible and bizarre.

Check the replies and engagement

4/ Dream speaks to the underrated and remarkable nature of Minecraft, too. In its 9th year, the game continues to dominate. Why?

Accessible, multi-platform, wide appeal? Sure - but more importantly: it is infinitely extendable. It's a creator's perfect sandbox. (image @SipoverS)
Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Mashing the Bernie meme; Know Nothings, conspiratorialism and Pastel Q; and more!

Archived at:



Mashing the Bernie meme: What if every video game, except Bernie with mittens?


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"I lied about my basic beliefs in order to keep a prestigious job. Now that it will be zero-cost to me, I have a few things to say."

We know that elite institutions like the one Flier was in (partial) charge of rely on irrelevant status markers like private school education, whiteness, legacy, and ability to charm an old white guy at an interview.

Harvard's discriminatory policies are becoming increasingly well known, across the political spectrum (see, e.g., the recent lawsuit on discrimination against East Asian applications.)

It's refreshing to hear a senior administrator admits to personally opposing policies that attempt to remedy these basic flaws. These are flaws that harm his institution's ability to do cutting-edge research and to serve the public.

Harvard is being eclipsed by institutions that have different ideas about how to run a 21st Century institution. Stanford, for one; the UC system; the "public Ivys".