can you help me. i was concerned about the safety and well being of a person, who was alleged to have right leaning tendencies. in my concern, i reached out. his patterns escalated, and now i am constantly bullied with swastika imagery from antifa.

i have been a long term campaigner against nazi-ism in portland---and young antifa, refuse to research my work. due to my interest in de-radicalising someone, i am bullied by people like @realfrostylady who seek to punish me with brutal swastika imagery.
every time, careless antifa, blast my account with this horrifying image of swastikas, i feel persecuted, and they do not respect the way that it traumatic to me, to do this work, and have no respect. i have tried to educate on holocaust. worked at museum, read huge amounts.
my Jewish ancestry is less provable than many, and i have sincerely believed i have little bits of Jewish due to stories, and names. but does it matter? if i feel in my heart, connected to that pain, why must they brutally inflict more trauma on me. my loved ones from israel...
my loved ones from israel, are separated from me, and it was perhaps an original hate crime against me, that antifa seek to abuse me with further. perhaps it was to punish my many jewish friends, or past lovers. can you ask them to stop. the people involved with torturing me
w/swastika imagery---claim many perspectives---the person claimed he was preventing harm to a mentally ill NeoNazi's ex-wife---who was beaten by her Nazi husband from beaing attacked when antifa threw rocks in her window. he claims he was respecting her humanity. they stalked her
they feel it is important to constantly put this swastika imagery online, w/ no education or learning lesson. the image felt cruel & sociopathic. but also cruel--would be the prospect of the woman, murdered in her home in escalating stalking events happening on a series of nights
because antifa will not address actual neo-nazi-ism in the prison system---and domestic violence purpatrators who beat and smash the skull of their partners--they lump the blame on me. i have only denounced Nazi-ism, online, and at Portland City Hall and @multco county & protest
i don't know if you can ask them to stop, or stop harassing me specifically. the person i feared to have right wing tendencies----is not in any way NeoNazi, but was very harsh and confrontational with the way he used that image to confront antifa on their stalking this woman.
i did not approve his methods---of confronting the whitewashing of the Nazi imagery from other reports---or the whitewashing of antifa- violence to a woman with a brain injury and mental illness. when antifa chose to inflict pain with his trophy photo---he was also confronting
their demonization of him falsely. he cannot be deradicalised from Nazi-ism, bc he never was---he is a victim of terrible bullies in child hood who normalised such painful imagery. he actually trying to scream about a very specific child hood pain.
i do not think it benefits the current twitter antifa scene to falsely assault people on false charges of nazi-ism, nor is it helpful to throw rocks in the window of people with deranged and offensive attire. thanks for listening. i think antifa- may lead to more hate crimes
if they have such a careless & brutal attitude towards inflicting pain, w/out context, and casting harsh wrongful judgement, persecuting allies, and brutalizing misguided people. antifa seem impotent to fight real nazis, but just want to bully me, who spoke v. Kruger many times
if i can fulfill some misogynistic notion for them, that i am responsible for a man's poor judgement, or ego involved photo op defying antifa- violence on a woman-----it doesnt seem fair, that they don't ask me how i feel. stop telling me i am responsible for atrocities.
i feel very personally injured by photo, and very injured by the callous way Portland antifa abuse that photo to scorch our eyeballs on twitter. Was photo taken in a moment of mental illness? yes. was the person poorly educated? yes.----- i suspected it was suicidal in intent
thank you for understanding how painful it is, to know the real needfulness of anti-fascism, is being squandered persecuting allies and anti-racists--why does their misogyny fail to comprehend, my thoughts are unique? why am i crucified for an ugly selfie taken 80 miles away?
i don't think there is ever any apology sufficient to erase the pain of that image, and i would like to ask Portland Antifa to stop using it, because both participants have severe mental illness and head injury---and persecuting the disabled. is what real Nazis did.
i have tried to listen to every explanation, but i feel that the chance for this image emboldening very violent national security emergencies is so severe, that it must be abolished. i am angry twittersafety and twittersupport will not erase it. contextually, it was meant
in an anti-fascist way, but it is very misunderstood, poorly framed, and does not convey the intent.

if nothing else, rabbi, observe the way, young people are using the internet to cause massive amounts of harm.

please urge an end to antisemitic bullying of me thru this image
thank you, shalom

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Court of Appeals of Oregon.
July 8, 2020. we must correctly interpret the statute.
Stull v. Hoke, 326 Or. 72, 77, 948 P.2d 722 (1997).
legal change of sex from male or female to nonbinary

Before DeVore, Presiding Judge, and Mooney, Judge, and Hadlock, Judge pro tempore.

Bruce L. Campbell, John C. Clarke, and Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP filed the brief amicus curiae for Transgender Law Center, interACT, and Beyond Binary Legal.

Does ORS 33.460 permit the circuit court to grant a legal change of sex from male or female to nonbinary? The circuit court concluded that the statute does not permit such a change, and it denied petitioner's application under ORS 33.460
so @tedwheeler did you hear? today we are discussing "public whippings" thanks to @JamesBuchal

its a great chance to study the history of public beatings.
understandably, women feel threatened.
#PDX #tourism

PORTLAND. Or., June 7—The whipping post law passed at the last session of the Legislature was Into execution for the first time today, the victim being Charles Mcdlnty, convicted of wlfe-beatlng

whip was a braided blacksnake, made of rawhide, with four lashes. ..hustled to jail, stripped to the

waist, manacled, and his hands tied to the door high above his head. The whipping was as severe as the powerful deputy was capable of administering. Blood drawn on the 4th blow.

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Every single public defender. Every single day.

Bail arguments, motions, oral arguments, hearings. Judges don’t know, follow, or care about the law. Prosecutors are willing to take advantage of it. And mandatory minimums, withheld evidence, & pretrial detention coerces people to plead before trial. When theres a jury. A shot.

But defenders still fight. And still win. Most times wins aren’t “Justice.” It’s power of repetition of argument in front of same judges. Introducing those in power to the people they oppress. Not just a RAP sheet or words on a page. Defenders make it harder to be brutal & cruel.

I worked as a public defender at an office as well resourced as any in the country. Social workers, team of investigators, a reentry team, support staff, specialist attorneys in immigration, housing, education, family. Relatively low caseloads (80-100). And yet still injustice.

Most think that balancing the scales of justice means more funding for defenders. Thats part of it. Enough a attorneys to actually be at bail hearings. Wrap around services to be able to help people trapped in the system end up better off in their communities. Lower caseloads.

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