A name has caught the radar of agencies investigating #GretaToolkit- FRIEDRICH PIETER. Delhi Police expressed shock over the appearance of Pieter's name as "Who to Follow" in g-doc as he is under cops' scanner since 2006 for his Anti-India activities. Some shocking details..

Pieter is close associate (read hired by) Bhajan Singh Bhindar, founder of OFMI (Org for Minorities of India) that considers itself an anti-Gandhi 'crusader' & is Pro-Khalistan. They also campaigned to free Bhullar (convicted Khalistani terr0r!st) & lobby against Modi in US.
Bhinder has alleged connection with ISI & had records of owning inter-state drugs cartel & DVD piracy for terr0r funding. They also took control Fremont Gurudwara, US back in 2003 for millions of donation. Details of this 'Info-War' by @DisinfoLab
Back to Pieter. Take a glance at his work. His TL is filled with anti-BJP/RSS/Modi propaganda. From his speeches to articles, everything have few keywords in common- RSS/Fascism/gen0c!de/k!ll!ing/Kashmir/Hindutva, as if running a non-stop unrest in India is his bread & butter
He picks every topic with an extreme narrative that potentially hurts integrity of nation, be it Kashmir,CAA,1984 & with his recent projects- Farmer protest & campaigning heavily against Sri Kulkarni. Despite all, Kulkarni appointed as Chief of Ext Affairs at Biden admin.
Some of his speeches brazenly narrate that "RSS govt" driving musl!m cleansing (thru CAA), enjoys Gandhi statue vandalism, terrified world about Indian army "oppression" in Kashmir.
What else? He seeks donation in the name of "Human Rights in India" (pic2- as I said 'bread & butter') & all he has to do is fuel communal & anti-Hindu propaganda (pic1-his pinned tweet).
Let's take a quick look at @FriedrichPieter Twitter "following" list, you will find all familiar faces, the rest is history. No wonder he retrieves the tips to write against India from the entire left cabal like Ravish, Swara, Saba, Shekhar etc, who run this agenda locally.

Now imagine, this guy is mentioned as "Who to Follow" in #GretaToolkit which is supposedly a guide for "peaceful protest"!

Tell a sane reason that why this whole mayhem of 26-Jan riots/K-element/ISI etc is not a collective conspiracy against India?

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