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MyGov has released an excellent booklet "Putting Farmers First" which not only covers in detail the current #FarmLaws2020 but also lays out in structured summarized format the work done by the Modi government in the last 6 years.
Some snippets.

On the current #FarmLaws2020, there is much debate as to what may or may not happen.

MSP will not go away; APMC Mandis will not close; Farmers land cannot be taken way

Farmers can sell in Mandis & outside; More income; More jobs. 2/10

So what was the need for #FarmLaws2020 reforms when as per Left groups all was well?

1) Fragmented markets
2) Insufficient markets
3) Inadequate Infra
4) Inadequate credit

While rest of the economy was opening up, farmers were restricted. Result - Huge Income Disparity. 3/10

What about the charge that there has not been adequate consultation before #FarmLaws2020 were passed?

THE TRUTH: Two decades of consultation. Farm Reforms are perhaps the only policy reforms where there has been consensus movement in SAME DIRECTION by multiple governments. 4/10

So what are the benefits of the law that allows the farmers to sell in APMC Mandis as at present but also, and importantly, anywhere outside?

1) Better price discovery for farmer
2) Converts present buyers market to sellers (farmer) market
3) Better logistics in rural areas
Do read this thread. 🙏
Since Farmers protest, Troll Army has been hyperactive digging out old and unrelated vidoes/images and linking it to Farmers protest to demean the protesters. Just like they did for CAA/NRC protesters in Dec-Feb.
Here are a few #AltNewsFactCheck

A photo that predates both the farmers' protest and the introduction of agricultural reform ordinances approved in June was falsely shared as Muslim man disguised as Sikh to participate in the agitation. #AltNewsFactCheck

A photo of an elderly woman participating in a farmers' protest in Punjab in October was shared with the false claim that she is 'Shaheen Bagh Dadi' Bilkis Bano who was present in the recent farmers' protest. #AltNewsFactCheck 3/n

An old video of few Sikhs along with Pakistani fans raising pro-Pak, Khalistan chants during cricket World Cup match in UK is viral as farmers' protest. BJP's Priti Gandhi, Punit Agwaral shared this and later took it down. #AltNewsFactCheck 4/n

A photograph shot during anti-CAA protests in Shaheen Bagh in February has been shared with the false claim that it shows 'Hathras Bhabhi' at farmers' protest. #AltNewsFactCheck 5/n