The new age of privacy, and the crypto ecosystem that will enable it.

A Thread.

Throughout my research, @HavenXHV The Haven protocol renewed my faith, that privacy wasn't just a temporary trend, but something with actual, sustainability. The creation of a private bank, exchange, and access to real world assets in completely privacy of my own vault. $XHV
Haven's offering to the world, with it's private assets $xUSD $xEUR $xGOLD and xSilver, made me research what else can be done privately, now that I have private stable coin options. My first question was, if I wanted to sell my private assets, how would I do it? $XHV
It didn't take me long before I discovered $RUNE and @thorchain_org and their cross chain liquidity pools and decentralized exchange capabilities. How anyone can offer liquidity and earn rewards and trading fees for doing so. But also,how all trading pairs,are interchangable.
This made me realize that as Thorchain grows in popularity,they will provide the ability for everyone, across the cryptosphere,to trade any coin for any coin. Kind of like uniswap, but cross chain,and outside, yet including, the erc-20 ecosystem. It's uniswap on steroids. $XHV
It's the Binance of decentralized exchanges, and that is no small feat, yet it's much needed in a world where centralized exchanges track everything we do, giving us no privacy over our own trades, freezing our funds when they feel like it. This does not happen with Thorchain.
Thorchain will be the liquidity provider for $XHV,and its primary stable coin $xUSD. Since XHV and its ecosystem of xAssets are entirely private,you can now move between chains,without worry or wait time,of minting back to $XHV and finding enough liquidity on an open exchange.
Being able to move between private xUSD to any chain through thorchain,is a freedom that is much needed for many people across the world. It will give people the ability to keep their funds private and accessible only by them,while still granting them access to all coins. $RUNE
So now I had my own plan, use the $XHV haven protocol as my bank for my crypto gains, to keep funds safe and private, while using Thorchain to grant exposure to other coins as needed. Not to mention, having fun with xAssets getting exposure to real world assets privately.
However, I wanted to dig deeper, what else was being built that would be cool and support the new world of privacy? Lo and behold, I stumbled across the @SecretNetwork .... A network aimed at creating private smart contracts and making erc-20 tokens private! $XHV $RUNE $SCRT
The secret network allows you to turn your eth or your erc-20 token into a private token. For example, USDT goes onto the secret bridge, and become $sUSDT. From there, it can be traded to other secret address, without being traced, or amounts being seen. $SCRT $XHV $RUNE
The secret network is also coming out with its own AMM enabling swaps for different secret tokens,such as $sUSDT for $sETH.Eventually through thorchain,youll be able to trade your private erc20 tokens,directly for $xUSD or $XHV or $XMR.Private eth-erc20 for crosschain privacy.
Yes, you understood that right, I'm talking about cross chain private interoperability. Do you see the brilliance of this? All three of these networks are needed to make this happen. Secret networks private eth-erc20 combined with thorchains liquidity and haven's privacy.
These are matches made in heaven. The coming future of privacy will include all three of these vital players. They all need each other, and they all compliment each other, and they'll all succeed because even on their own, they're brilliant ideas. $XHV $RUNE $SCRT
The secret network alone, has many use cases for private smart contracts that can benefit businesses and individuals around the globe. Haven is the private banking system of the future, and thorchain is the next binance. $XHV $RUNE $SCRT
Not all cryptos will survive the coming years. Many won't. However these three coins will, because of the freedom and abilities they offer. The world has never seen such liberation for the individual to truly take control of their own financial destiny. $XHV $RUNE $SCRT
The sky is the limit for these coins, as people come to understand the true value of privacy, which is why many are currently flocking to signal, and away from what's app and facebook, because our privacy is being totally disrespected by big corporations. $XHV $SCRT $RUNE
The need for privacy will continue to grow as people realize they are being mined for every ounce of data that can provide a profit to the highest bidder and not getting a single penny of it back. These three networks give you your power back, and liberate you from tyranny.
The future is private. Get on board. Do your own research, and you'll get a glimpse of a beautiful future!
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Out of curiosity I dug into how NFT's actually reference the media you're "buying" and my eyebrows are now orbiting the moon

Short version:

The NFT token you bought either points to a URL on the internet, or an IPFS hash. In most circumstances it references an IPFS gateway on the internet run by the startup you bought the NFT from.

Oh, and that URL is not the media. That URL is a JSON metadata file

Here's an example. This artwork is by Beeple and sold via Nifty:

The NFT token is for this JSON file hosted directly on Nifty's servers:

THAT file refers to the actual media you just "bought". Which in this case is hosted via a @cloudinary CDN, served by Nifty's servers again.

So if Nifty goes bust, your token is now worthless. It refers to nothing. This can't be changed.

"But you said some use IPFS!"

Let's look at the $65m Beeple, sold by Christies. Fancy.

That NFT token refers directly to an IPFS hash ( We can take that IPFS hash and fetch the JSON metadata using a public gateway:
1/ Welcome to #DeFi Wednesday.

Let's talk about how interest-bearing cash on a blockchain is going to revolutionise boring corporate treasury management that concerns every company is is a larger business than all crypto trading in the world.

Enter the thread


2/ Blockchain community is often seen as toxic maxis and redditors who shill other their weekly favourite shitcoin in the hope of getting Lambo.

Sometimes we also do things that progress humanity towards the better future and interest-bearing cash is one of those things.

3/ Less chad and more things that actually matter:

My incomplete theory of interest-bearing cash is also available also as a blog post:

It is 15 pages. Pick your slow poison or die fast by continue reading here.

4/ First time in the history we have an ability to create interest-bearing cash-like instruments.

Interest-bearing cash ticks up dollar (euro) balance real-time in your wallet.

Here is a demonstration using @aaveaave aDAI, based on @makerdao DAI, and @TrustWalletApp

5/ Interest-bearing cash is not like your bank's saving account. Your money in a bank is not yours, but bank's. There are some flaws in the current banking system causing a headache for Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
1. You also have to give them a landing. It's tempting, I know, to take the pent up rage out on the only ones who respond to you (like @ProjectLincoln!) or Never Trumpers like @RadioFreeTom or @BillKristol bc they were "guilty" in the past or "waited too long" like @WalshFreedom

2. but at each of the big inflection moments where Trump lost support I've begged non-Rs to consider the fact that if Trump supporters see that they have nowhere to go, they will stay w the only people that DO accept them, & the price might actually be the collapse of democracy

3. which, until Weds, some people thought I was being hyperbolic about. I WASN'T! When the MAINSTREAM of a major political party divorces themselves from democratic norms & values & its supporters turn to a fictionalized world to justify their political party's actions, your

4. country's stability is at risk & one by-product of poor messaging on the Dem side is that extremism on the Right was able to not only take root in the Rep Party, it was able to take OVER the R party & become the party's mainstream- pinnacled w the presidential win via the EC

5. of Donald Trump, w/o the GOP paying any electoral price for their extremism. A healthy Rep Party might have found the courage to reject Trump's nomination & accept the short term costs that would have come w refusing to endorse his 2016 candidacy. But the Rep Party of 2016

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Recently, the @CNIL issued a decision regarding the GDPR compliance of an unknown French adtech company named "Vectaury". It may seem like small fry, but the decision has potential wide-ranging impacts for Google, the IAB framework, and today's adtech. It's thread time! 👇

It's all in French, but if you're up for it you can read:
• Their blog post (lacks the most interesting details):
• Their high-level legal decision:
• The full notification:

I've read it so you needn't!

Vectaury was collecting geolocation data in order to create profiles (eg. people who often go to this or that type of shop) so as to power ad targeting. They operate through embedded SDKs and ad bidding, making them invisible to users.

The @CNIL notes that profiling based off of geolocation presents particular risks since it reveals people's movements and habits. As risky, the processing requires consent — this will be the heart of their assessment.

Interesting point: they justify the decision in part because of how many people COULD be targeted in this way (rather than how many have — though they note that too). Because it's on a phone, and many have phones, it is considered large-scale processing no matter what.
This is a pretty valiant attempt to defend the "Feminist Glaciology" article, which says conventional wisdom is wrong, and this is a solid piece of scholarship. I'll beg to differ, because I think Jeffery, here, is confusing scholarship with "saying things that seem right".

The article is, at heart, deeply weird, even essentialist. Here, for example, is the claim that proposing climate engineering is a "man" thing. Also a "man" thing: attempting to get distance from a topic, approaching it in a disinterested fashion.

Also a "man" thing—physical courage. (I guess, not quite: physical courage "co-constitutes" masculinist glaciology along with nationalism and colonialism.)

There's criticism of a New York Times article that talks about glaciology adventures, which makes a similar point.

At the heart of this chunk is the claim that glaciology excludes women because of a narrative of scientific objectivity and physical adventure. This is a strong claim! It's not enough to say, hey, sure, sounds good. Is it true?