I want to let you know when I made the decision to launch @StrikePac & directly get into electioneering I realized I wasn't going to continue issuing "race ratings" & "forecasts" each cycle- OBV that's a conflict of interest!

The hostility & sexism of

2. that world, I have to be honest, makes it very easy to walk away- the misogyny in the top tier of the election analysis community outside of @Center4Politics folks who are awesome & also more accurate than anyone else is intolerable. I'll still analyze politics, political
3. events, issue commentary, write articles, run the pod, go on TV, and generally succeed in ways that drive those men nuts but no, I won't be putting out ratings or "forecasts" anymore. Now, lots of people are asking me "what's going to happen in 2022?" The Midterm Effect, the
4. the long standing pattern of the president's party losing seats in the Midterm happens virtually every single cycle. I believe there are 2 recent exceptions: post-9/11 in the 2022 midterms and 1998 post-Lewinski gate. What I'm trying to do in building @StrikePac is completely
5. redesign/overhaul/modernize & reshape the way that Dems currently approach electioneering. I want to build a new organization with the funds capable of coming into cycle's like VA's 2021 cycle and the 2022 midterm cycle and start to deploy these new methodologies into the
6. the field. These new techniques include an offense attack strategy that brands the Republican Party as an extremist party trying to end democracy, one that must not be given governing power. 1 that has adopted a #PartyOfNo posture- so allegiant to an ideology of "limited gov"
7. it stood by and did nothing as a deadly pandemic washed over our country, killing us by the hundreds of thousands. I want to attack the party's brand as the party of the economy. Why? BC over the past 30 the Rep Party has murdered the American economy & taken us from a global
8. leader to a global laughingstock. Their economic performance record is SHIT and @strikepac is going to make them own it for the first time. They get walk around w a straight face say "Ds have no message for the working class" w/o ever being challenged to produce their
9. accomplishments for the same. And when they are challenged?? 🦗🦗🦗. @strikepac is going to link every single competitve R w their extremist agenda & their extremist colleagues like MTG. Its long past time that someone met the GOP's own electioneers on the field w an effective
10. counterpunch, and @StrikePac intends to be there, fighting 🔥 with 🔥.

BC if we're not there? If the Ds go into 2022 with the same messaging & electioneering approaches they brought to bear in the 2020 cycle- they lost seats under ideal fundamentals?

Yes, Ds are losing!
11. One more thing. @strikepac will be run with a high level of transparency, far beyond what the law requires. And although I am the "public face" and fundraiser for the pac, I do not control the pac's money. I took that role and gave it to @LaurieSpivak & told her the reason
12. is that it matter to me ALOT that anyone that gives money to @StrikePac knows that money, as best as we can do with it, will use it to fight the GOP. Now, this is my new job! I am getting paid a salary to do it. Well, at least I will be if it succeeds! But unlike all of the
13. rest of these pac things, I've chosen to design this one so that I have a flat salary, commensurate with my last salary at the think tank (eventually, hopefully!) that is based on my role & expertise. I am not making a cut on donations. I am not going to siphon off earning
14. from ads or make the kind of consultancy fees that I believe everyone else involved in pacs make. And the reason I'm doing these things is bc I will never give the GOP or the Nate Silvers of the world ammunition to hurt our effort to save democracy & improve the lives of the
15. lives of the millions of Americans that are depending on Democrats not to lose winnable elections. People like Silver, who are only capable of thinking about their own bottom lines, will never be able to understand someone like, who makes the opposite calculation. This info,
16. plus a whole lot more on what we're doing, how we're going to do it, and more is heading to the new website which is in progress. If you've already supported the effort- thank you! If you want to now https://t.co/dP8ZQhs68F

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1. I think school closures also dragged Ds down in congressional races. To be clear, they wouldn't in a functional democracy not following a herd immunity strategy & normalizing the indifference genocide of up to a half million of its citizens. That "conditional" is a necessary

2. component of the "pandemic backlash effect that we have in the U.S. other countries don't have sizable anti-mask movements, ones so large it impedes states like North Dakota who governor @DougForDakota has "led" them to a point where every single county in his large;y rural

3. state has been governed to "high" infection rates. He must feel so successful that liberty & freedom is so abundantly clear all around him! So yes, in a country that has normalized murdering via indifference its old, medical compromised & in the case of

4. COVID- which is a random killer, which sometimes kills young healthy mothers whose own mothers couldn't let their daughter forgo a baby shower bc its such a special part of the birth experience or bc how do you skip the "1 year" baby party when the baby smashes her cake all

5. over her own head? I get it. Those are once in a lifetime events that can't be replaced. So people have been doing them bc their governors & their president esp has told them to do so, that its no big deal, that actually they'd be FOOLS not to hold that gender reveal party,
Yes, actually that's kind of the problem these days.

All the 🔥takes will be shown to be wrong once the voter file data & analysis like this one w the FULL RESULTS get done, which is why I'VE NOT PUBLISHED MY 🔥TAKE IN NYT yet

We'll have to decide if we want it fast, or right

There is ONE STORY in elections right now and its education. Its not rural vs urban, or Black and White, Latino and White

Its educated versus non-educated

And its global

1. I'll add that it's very imp that Ds understand, crystal clear, this fact (that edu is the divide that rules all other divides). After Parscale's success in 2020 the GOP will now double down on their efforts to come after non-college educated, non-white voters bc now they KNOW

2. they're gettable. The 2018 and 2020 cycle were "feelers." No doubt donors and strategists were skeptical. Now they have the analytic proof and the $ will be flowing. This is one reason that I decided that I had to get into electioneering myself. Someone is going to need to be

3. there talking to these voters from the Left (and talking to them with effective messaging- for ex they don't give two shits about insider trading corruption) or you'll see even more erosion in the D's vote share among non-college educated non-white voters, I'm sure of it. Its

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Microorganisms in biofilms are enclosed by an extracellular matrix that confers protection and improves survival. Previous studies have shown that viruses can secondarily colonize preexisting biofilms, and viral biofilms have also been described.

...we raise the perspective that CoVs can persistently infect bats due to their association with biofilm structures. This phenomenon potentially provides an optimal environment for nonpathogenic & well-adapted viruses to interact with the host, as well as for viral recombination.

Biofilms can also enhance virion viability in extracellular environments, such as on fomites and in aquatic sediments, allowing viral persistence and dissemination.
1/ Some initial thoughts on personal moats:

Like company moats, your personal moat should be a competitive advantage that is not only durable—it should also compound over time.

Characteristics of a personal moat below:

2/ Like a company moat, you want to build career capital while you sleep.

As Andrew Chen noted:

3/ You don’t want to build a competitive advantage that is fleeting or that will get commoditized

Things that might get commoditized over time (some longer than

4/ Before the arrival of recorded music, what used to be scarce was the actual music itself — required an in-person artist.

After recorded music, the music itself became abundant and what became scarce was curation, distribution, and self space.

5/ Similarly, in careers, what used to be (more) scarce were things like ideas, money, and exclusive relationships.

In the internet economy, what has become scarce are things like specific knowledge, rare & valuable skills, and great reputations.