Building your personal brand is the greatest asset you can ever own.

It's the investment that can give you a 100X return.

Here are 10 things you can do today towards building your personal brand.

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1. Learn to write content

Content is key to building your brand.

Your content is the pitch.

The better your pitch, the more likely you will convert visitors into leads.
But what to write content on?

Dead Simple!

Start writing about what you are learning.

Write about where your expertise is

Learn and post content around that

Share your experiences ( Success & Failures )
2. Involve yourself in social networks

Stay active on different platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, ProductHunt, Medium, etc.

Social media is the best way to kick-start your journey.

You already have a base set with an engaging community.
3. Speak at conferences and events

Enroll yourself to speak at a local conference, to begin with.

Start small.

Go big to keep speaking whenever you have an opportunity.

This is the best to make some noise.
4. Create an email newsletter

Use @SubstackInc or @revue to start your newsletters in minutes.

Set the habit of sending out a newsletter every week/month.

Share content around your expertise, so it becomes easy to keep generating content.
5. Build a portfolio of work

While you are learning new skills, have a habit of building something around that.

It helps to sell yourself and stand out from the rest.

Proof of work >> Anything else
6. Share your expertise

Keep sharing content on your expertise; It helps to let others know that you are the master.

It shows that you are confident and knowledgeable in your field.

Sharing personal stories is the best hack you will ever want.
7. Engage with other people

It's always a give and take on the social platform.

Engage with other people in your niche and support them.

Treat others the way you want to get treated.
8. Have your style

Try to follow your style; that is how you can be unique and stand out from the rest easily.

Quality comes when you put more quantity.

Keep going with the flow.
9. Build your website

Having a personal website is an excellent way to let the world know about yourself.

It could be used to showcase all your work, blogs, social handles.
10. Build Info Products / Services

Once you master a specific skill, start to sell some service or product around it.

It will open up a new channel for a secondary source of Income.

Making money on the internet is fun!
Thanks for checking this out.

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