Meet @FlamingoTrader_ A 20-year-old upcoming trader from Gujarat. Also his strategy. He mostly trades in BTST and sometimes in STBT

He read many books, and reports and is using Darvas Box Theory.

Here are some notes ( with my limited understanding)


a) Finds 52 Week High Stocks
b) or stocks that Doubled in year
c) Volume Should be High - 20 ma of Vol
d) Darvas Box - Indicator or Manual
e) If stock Makes High, Then doesn’t break high for 3 days or more, Then makes low and doesn’t break for 3 days or more. It doesn't break low considering the first candle low as low. It's called Darvas box.

f) Whichever side breakout comes, is called Darvas Box Breakout.
g) Also sees Japanese Candlesticks, it increases breakout.
h) At 3.10 to 3.20 closing should be outside the box.
i) Also consider Bollinger Band Breakout
j) Also consider Market Trend

Simple, but it works for him. You can ask if you have any queries to him,

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