FAKE quote!

Such a verse is NOT FOUND in any authentic Ravidas Bani.

Nowhere in his poems does Sant Ravidas say "I proclaim all Vedas as worthless".

This is a new scam in the market. Appropriation of Hindu history and Hindu saints by anti Hindus to boost their own legacy.

What Sant Ravidas actually said (when he was asked to convert to Islam by Lodhi):

"The religion of the Vedas is the greatest. It is the treasure trove of matchless knowledge.Why then will I abandon the Vedic Dharmic and read the untrue Quran?"

From Ravidas Ramayana(16th cent):
False quotes denigrating Hinduism are circulated in the name of Sant Ravidas as he was a great Hindu Sant from Dalit background.

This represents a challenge to people who want to spin the caste narrative of opposition of Dalits to Hinduism. They want to break this connection

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This is nothing but THEFT and appropriation of Indian Heritage.

While this might look very trivial at the outset, this is a very major cultural appropriation.

This threads explains the Golden ratio, its history and its modern appropriation


What is Golden ratio?

In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.

If two numbers be designated by a and b (a>b>0), then they are aid to be in Golden ratio if a/b=(a+b)/a

Thus, Golden Ratio is solution to quadratic x2-x-1=0(assuming a to be x and b to be 1 in the same ratio).
This approximates to 1.618033.
Since in a Fibonacci series every number(except first & second) is sum of the previous two, golden ratio approximates ratio of larger/smaller

How is Golden ratio important?

Golden nature is everywhere in the nature. Infact, Golden ratio is called Divine proportion.

According to latest research, universe is governed by Golden ratio.

Universe has a golden ratio that keeps everything in order.


Infact, the Golden ratio of Fibonacci series can be seen everywhere around us in the universe.

The petals of a flower and seed heads follow a Fibonacci series where each consecutive cycle is in golden ratio with the previous one
The official name of this mosque is "Atala Devi Masjid".

It still stands on the pillars of the Hindu temple that originally stood at this site.

The temple was destroyed and its material was used in the construction of the Mosque. Egyptian?

"The original name of Jaunpur was Yavanapura".

"Even in the 19th century, no Hindu called it by the name 'Jaunpur'".

"The local Sharqi Sultans were great destroyers, and every mosque in Jaunpur was built on an existing Hindu temple"

- Archaeological survey of India report

"There is a Sanskrit inscription dating back to 8th century in the Southern Gate of the Jaunpur's Jami mosque".

"There is at present not ANY trace of old temples standing, for the Muhammadan conquerors did their work of destruction with unusual completeness"

- ASI report

"After destroying Karar Bir temple, Firoz Shah saw Atala Devi temple.

He ordered the temple to be destroyed immediately.

But Hindus violently attacked the workmen & pelted the emperor with stones.

Hindus were initially victorious"

- Tarikh I Jaunpur, translated by Pogson

"But fresh Muslim troops arrived from Jaunpur Capital Zafarabad.

An order for slaughter was issued.

Thousands of Hindu infidels became food to the d0gs of death. The river Gomati ran red with Hindu blo0d. Yet, Hindus did not refrain from fighting" -

Tarikh I Jaunpur

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