Process to read Charts of Banknifty for Intraday trading to plan trades & identify direction based on the price auction

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Timeframe used will be 5 minutes and reference level by using simple Previous Day High/Low , Daily pivot points level from daily chart (if any) , Multi day High/Low (if any)
To understand who is in control buyers or sellers making a split analysis of every 1 hour timespan.
Let's start with first 1 hour Stage 1
Stage 2
Same need to be done for every 1 hour i have slightly fast forwarded because price not read to cross R1 level.

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25 HOLY GRAIL steps to become INDEPENDENT & successful in trading

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1. Trading is a business were first we have to believe in ourselves and have a fearless mindset with calculated risk.

2. Don't risk more than 1 to 2% of your capital on a single trading session or per trade.(This one simple rule will first help us to stop losing big)

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3. Skill or business can't be developed overnight or in few weeks so first stop praying or searching for some magic strategy to make lakhs/crores overnight or in few months

4. Fear can stop us from growth so don't think of the outcome ( Profit or loss )- Scroll down👇

follow the process & execute trades with clarity and confidence

5. Process is about having a trade plan , following few trading strategy more than 1000 times with risk & position size in control. Fear develops only when we can't handle or see big mtm swing

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6. We trade in the market to make money so it's nothing wrong to start trading with 1 lot or 2 lot etc... Start small and make it big.

But most do reverse starting big and after huge losses trading small- Here FEAR factor has took full control of your trading

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Whether OI works for intraday trading ?

Whether OI useful ?

No one has a exact answer. But one effective way to make use OI in a very different perspective - OUT OF THE BOX from Traditional method

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This is a EOD OI graph of ICICIBANK. Here i am trying to focus on strike price which has more than 2x OI comparing CE vs PE of individual strikes.

Below 880 strike CE vs PE in which 880 CE has 2x more OI (more writers) compare to 880 pe.

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From the above OI graph of EOD 04/09 NOW refer the chart below of the same ICICIBANK for 05 sep

Main focus is not to take 880 levels as resistance just because of more CE OI. My focus if 880 is easily crossing and closing above it to open a bullish opportunity


EOD OI graph of Bajaj Auto. Here i am trying to focus on strike price which has more than or equal 2x OI comparing CE vs PE of individual strikes.

Below 4000 strike CE vs PE in which 4000 PE has 2x more OI compare to 4000 CE.

Read the content in the below image


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