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Twitter is free university.

But 98.8% forget 20% of what they read.

Here are 10 threads you must re-read:

Topic: How to Get Rich

Topic: How to Get Lucky

Topic: How to Win

Topic: How to Get More Value Out of Time
7 steps to transition to web3, for non-technical folks.

It can be daunting to make a career shift to web3, especially for those who don’t code.

There are new roles that don’t exist in other industries, and recruiting seems informal and network-based.

A mini-guide 🧵

1. Start by learning blockchain fundamentals.

a16z crypto startup school, which @jessewldn spearheaded, is a great resource for understanding the foundations of crypto and web3.

Don't skip this step because it clarifies the how & why of web3!

2. Immerse yourself in the industry by consuming the top information sources:


@forefront__ - social tokens/DAOs
@banklessDAO - DeFi
@OurNetwork__ - on-chain metrics
@ljxie - all things web3
& my newsletter



Tip: when you find projects you’d like to learn about, search for those founders’ podcast interviews to deep-dive into how they think.

3. Follow people on Twitter. Twitter is the “layer 0” of web3, where a lot of the networking & information flow happens.

Here are some good lists of who to
10 threads to accelerate your career:

How to Win (without talent or luck)

20+ principles compiled from the most impressive leaders and thinkers in the world.

20 Ways to Stand Out in a Hiring Process (that don’t involve your resume)

You can stand out without fancy degrees or credentials—learn how.

Common Interview Questions (& how to nail them)

Interviews suck—proper preparation makes them suck slightly less.

How to Write Cold Emails (or DMs)

Because one lucky break can make all the difference…
A month ago our ads were really struggling. CTR was at an all time low of around 0.6% and CPC was up to nearly $4. We were still profitable, but not very happy.

Today we're at 1.35% CTR and our CPC $2.22. This has given us a 35% decrease in CPA.

Here's what we did...

1) Tested, tested, tested. But not small variations or tweaks. Big things. New offers, new landing pages, drastically different creative types.

2. The first big win came from when we launched this ad. Very different than anything we'd ran before. Thumbstop was over 40% and CTR was near 1%. But it wasn't converting so well...

3. I was pretty happy with that CTR, until I launched this ad... It had our highest CTR to date of nearly 2% and CPCs were under $2. Huge for us. Plus it's running to a customizable bundle, which has a higher AOV.

4. Here's a static version that also did well. These 2 ads allowed us to re-stabilize performance and scale quite a bit with a much lower CPC and CPA that we had just 2 weeks ago.
Over the last 7 years I’ve built 2 multi-billion dollar companies.

It’s been grueling. We don’t share these lessons enough.

So I decided to do that over the last month.

The feedback has been awesome - 25k new followers in 1 month.

Here’s a roundup of all of the threads 👇

Why Bolt is the first tech unicorn to shift to a 4 day work

I’ve built both a $4B company and a $1B company over the last 7 years.

Here are the 12 mindset rules that got me

We 10X’d our company in the last 10 months.

Here are the 10 tactics to making every day

We’ve closed more deals in the last 90 days than in all of Bolt history.

Here are 10 tips on how to negotiate your best
A Marketing degree costs $80k.

But, Twitter University teaches better for free.

🧵 Here are 10 threads from 10 world-class marketers:

What you learn: Effective marketing patterns.

From: @Julian, Founder at Demand

What you learn: Tactics to get lucky with marketing.

From: @gregisenberg, CEO at Late

What you learn: Great copywriting.

From: @heykahn, VP Marketing at

What you learn: How to build landing pages that convert.

From: @heyblake, Chief Marketing Office at