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🗓️Recap of March 2021 content

Solve THE problem
3 types of product leaders
Levels of product work
Getting work done
“I don’t know”
Good people, bad managers
Customer segmentation
LinkedIn Envy
On communication
Important definitions
Life-changing books
& much more..


A story that often plays out when we are not rigorous enough about the importance of the customer problem our product

The 3 types / hats / modes of product

An extremely important observation about product

A thread on getting work
A thread of resources for aspiring & new Product Managers:

(should also be useful for Eng, Design, Data Science, Mktg, Ops folks who want to get better at PM work or want to build more empathy for your PM friends ☺️)

(oh, and pls also share *your* favorite resources below)



Product Management - Start Here by @cagan
(hard to go wrong if you start with Marty Cagan’s


Tips for Breaking into PM by @sriramk
(I’ve recommended this thread in my DMs more often than any other thread, by a pretty wide


Top 100 Product Management Resources by @sachinrekhi
(well-categorized index so you can focus on whatever’s most useful right


Brief interruption.

It’s important to understand your preferred learning style and go all in on that learning style (vs. struggling / procrastinating as you force a non-preferred learning