In 2013, I woke up and said, "I want to write a book about Pokémon."

In 2017, I finally wrote it.

In 2019, thanks to the fine folks at @DelReyBooks, you'll all get to read it.

I'm pleased to announce my epic fantasy debut. Formerly: "Fullmetal Pokémist." Now:


Seriously, everyone, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to share this one with you. The world is far-flung and weird, and the characters live lives so far removed from mine, but STEEL CROW SAGA is honestly the most personal and autobiographical thing I've ever written
Yeah, I guess I should address that early. STEEL CROW SAGA is not a trilogy. This is a standalone book. I left doors open for someday, but my plan right now is for each of these three books to be its own thing
Last thing I'll say here: I couldn't have asked for a better team than @DelReyBooks to work with--particularly @tnarwani, who just Gets this book. In our call, she casually cited a semi-obscure Korean movie from ten years ago, unaware it'd been a key influence. That's when I knew
Anyway. Plenty more to tease in the coming year. Thanks again to my friends who got me through it, and especially to @dongwon who saw this weird Toonami regurgitation and immediately believed in it. Today is my triumph, but it's also theirs.
my mom just texted me to inform me that the chef at her favorite chicken shop in the West Loop is very happy for me, and i feel like at last i've Arrived

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