Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak:

Review as of 10 December 2020. Been getting queries on road conditions so here goes.

*Personal driving experience with a small car. Hilux different story.

Kilo Nol: Tg Datu- Sematan

Complete, gorgeous but not dual lane.

Sematan-Lundu: Gravelly, some smooth stretches.

Lundu-Bau: SHIT. Steep drops, gravelly and potholed. Dark at night. Just use Rambungan-Sampadi ferry instead, worth the detour for your car's sake.
Bau-Singai-Batu Kawa (Kuching)
Diversions plenty, but drivable

Stephen Yong - Kota Padawan
Road ok, clear diversion. Flyovers all in various stages of completion. Traffic clogs at Kota Sentosa and 10th Mile.

11th Mile onwards complete, onwards to Serian
Serian: Roads still in the works but looks almost complete except for stretch going uphill/downhill after Ampungan.

Serian Bypass (flyover 1 & 2) both complete! Can zip and go straight out of town.
Simpang Gedong - Pantu Junction

Heaven is a place like this. Both dual lanes complete, but as of now only one side is open. Smooth, no diversions, blissful 120km/hour speed.

Then it starts to get patchy here and there (Balai Ringin, Sg. Tenggang)

Lachau: Bad, uneven, gravel.
Lachau - Simanggang - Betong (Simpang Layar)

Smooth-ish, gravel patches and diversions. Generally not too teeth rattling.

Saratok - Jakar - Julau

The first half is okay, then it gets progressively worse until...

Sibu (Durin)

Same as Pantu, almost complete, one dual lane open
Infamous Selangau.

Surprisingly better, some bad spots on the Stapang part. Long stretches of smooth road interspersed with gravel and holes. Tight, overtaking difficult

Tatau: SHIT. And has always been. Not much improvement. Take the Balingian-Kuala Tatau-Jepak road instead.
Bintulu - Bakun Junction

The only complete work package, this is what the Pan Borneo will look like when complete. Open dual lanes, P-Turns, ample shoulders, barriers.

Bintulu - Miri

Some good stretches but not worth it. Dangerous even. Use Miri coastal via Samalaju.
Miri (Lutong, Kuala Baram)

Bypasses incomplete. Bumpy ride.

End of Pan Borneo Sarawak.

Heard the Sarawak-Sabah bypass (via Long Lama - Lawas) is still happening, not sure.
Special mention:

Kanowit-Ngemah-Song- Kapit road

Almost done except for a 15 minute stretch between Ngemah and Song, only open 3 times a day. Steep single lane roads, sharp hairpin bends, otherwise smooth. No lights (yet).
Sebuyau-Maludam-Triso coastal road

Gotten worse after lorries start using. Recently heavy vehicles are banned from accessing the road.
Samalaju, Bintulu section

Dual lanes, fast and smooth, then single lane heading into Kidurong.
When exiting Sibu town going north, use Teku-Pasai Siong road instead of the Sibu-Bintulu trunk. It might be hilly, but less cars, almost no potholes.

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