Here is my Thread on 'Ketu (South Node) Through Nakshatras' The 27 Constellations 🙏❣.

Do check your “Past life Mastery” which KETU Represents🤞🏻.

1. Ketu in Ashwini Nakshatra:

Here native is Great at Financial Planning, Face reading, understanding other’s mind and intention, Driving Fast they don’t like but they are wayyy smooth over driving Fast. This is also great position which can make native Great Surgeon,
Neurologist, Psychologist.
These natives are Selfless and Sacrifice self for others. They gets Fame and Success but they just don’t care.
2. Ketu in Bharani Nakshatra:

They are good at Flirting, Attracting opposite sex, studing ancient subjects. They are also Great at Creativity and Artistic activities. The are lazy but they are really open minded who handles situations really well.
In Past life they have handles many things which is now helping them to make things easier in this life. They are great Leaders too.

They are really good at Hard work and Smart work both. And yes just as Ashwini they don’t much care about Fame and Success!
3. Ketu in Krittika Nakshatra:

Yes, Ketu in Krittika creates great Risk-Takers. They are not much attached to family actually later at life but they show that they are highly Attached to them. They are good over Creating wealth and Value in whatever they do. They are good at
Taunting others. They are good Chef. They feel the Food.
Their past lives were totally about Family, Wealth and eating good food. Because of what they are Master in this life over it.
They don’t get that Excited over it but they are good. They are excited like Crazily for Sexual pleasures.

They better be Chef, Owner of restaurants or Wealth mangers in my opinion.
4. Ketu in Rohini Nakshatra:

Ketu in Rohini gives person the Power of seduction. They may don’t know or feel it but they have this thing. They are the one who attracts masses with ease. They are good at beautifying things. They are great Decorators, Designers, Artiest,
musicians, Event Planer and Photographers. They are totally about Beautifying things.

Want someone to Beautify things? Just find someone with Ketu in Rohini Nakshatras.
(Pada and House placement may differ a little bit)
5. Ketu in Mrigashira Nakshatra:

This people have the Abilities of Ketu in Krittika and Rohini. They are about beautifying things and Cooking Good Food. They have sharp intellect, Artistic skills, Ability to cook Great food, Ability to Beautify things like Rohini.
One special thing Mrigashira has is “Writing and Communicating ability.” That’s the ability which differ then from Kritika Ketu and Rohini Ketu.

Ketu in Krittika + Ketu in Rohini = Ketu in Mrigashira
6. Ketu in Ardra Nakshatra:

Here Ketu makes person very much Educated. In past life they had studies and masters no of subject which they may won’t in this life due to not getting opportunity to learn.
If they get then this are the Folks who can master No of Skills and master No of Subjects Professionally. Their intelligence is mind-blowing but many fails to understand them because their thinking is way higher than those with whom they are.
Here native is as intelligent as PhD professors without having that PhD.

This are good at writing, communicating, creativity in making subjects easy to understand.
These folks better be Diplomats or Govt. Officers or on Creative side this are the Software engineers without Formal college Degree. These are great IT experts.
7. Ketu in Punarvasu Nakshatra:

Here natives have ability to handle adverse situation at ease. They are good at Software development, writing religious articles, writing columns which can bring peoples attraction towards issues which are hidden.
Just as Ardra Ketu they have Great ability in IT filed, Writing and Communicating. And here they are more about Helping people by their writing ability. They don’t care about their ability they care about what their ability Gonna help them to Change in Society.
8. Ketu in Pushya Nakshatra:

Here native was very Prosperous in Past lives. They have great hidden wisdom thanks to their Past Lives. They are good at teaching other, observing things, financial planning, helping other taking their talent out.
They are great Philosophers they have very Fortunate past life which they are continuing. They may feel unfortunate in early life but later they are the “Most Happiest one” as they had Fortunate life which they realized later in life.
They have very deep Intuition which hardly fails if they channel well. They are good Philosophers, philanthropic and financial experts.
9. Ketu in Aslesha Nakshatra:

Here Native becomes Highly seductive especially Female native. You can find this placement of Ketu in those charts who are in Adult entrainment industry the Porn Industry “The Porn Stars” they don’t carve to seduce
people but they have this hidden ability which is rare.

These natives are good at Seduction, entertaining people. They are good at representing “How Passionate they are!” They can be Great psychologist, Hypnotist, Lawyer, Secrete services and Porn Stars.
10. Ketu in Magha Nakshatra:

Ketu in Magha Nakshatra makes great actors, Theater artist and Stage performers. This natives create great illusions. They can make you confused by their acting skills.
Their ability to show their emotions is great if they are hurt 10% they can show like they are 100% hurt. They are Illusionist over expressing themselves.
Natives are Good at attracting people, creating false illusion, Falsehood, expressing self differently in the manner they want to express not in the manner they are, Hiding their real nature, getting mauled in any situation.
11. Ketu in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra:

Here PurvaPhalguni native has ability to attract people by it’s Beauty, comfort, Luxury, creativity or artistic nature. You love peace over competition. Popular in Friends and Organizations where they work.
Have similar abilities like Magha Ketu but Purva Phalguni one are more Mystical and Loyal where Magha are doubtful. They have creative romantic Ideas which differs them from Magha and they are “Magha+” in terms of Dignity of Abilities as Spiritual and
Truthful side comes here more.

Their Charisma and Spiritual practices make them really great in creativity.
12. Ketu in Uttar Phalguni Nakshatra:

UttarPhalguni Natives have abilities to heal other by their Mystical power. They are sensual, talkative, easily makes Friends and connections, Prosperous too. They are good at being industrious, popular as they are social butterfly and
Spirituality. In terms of Spirituality, they are more advance then Purva Phalguni. They may work as Sex therapist.
13. Ketu in Hasta Nakshatra:

They really have arts in their hands. They are good at all things which requires efforts of hand most in Creative manner like Fashion Designing, Paintings, jewelry making, tarot reader, Sculptors, Architect, Musician.
14. Ketu in Chita Nakshatra:

Chitra is the Nakshatra of Creativity when Ketu is in Chitra it simply indicates a person who has dedicated his past lives to Arts and Creativity. They are good at Arts and where they can Express their creativity all the activities related to it.
They are also good at motivating others and their arts also gonna attract people’s attention which they may won’t even desire but they have it. Which they can use as Support of career.
In India their creativity is about spirituality especially in ancient times. They have ability of Hasta and they are Hasta+ in simple terms.
15. Ketu in Swati Nakshatra:

Native is blessed with the Ability to negotiate, Great business minds, optimistic, accurate predictions and Scientific thinking. They observed things a lot when they Travel. Their true self comes out while traveling.
16. Ketu in Vishakha Nakshatra:

They are good at achieving their aims, their goals. They have strong determination which is very rare in people. They mind self and focus on self they wanna have complete success by own efforts and they be independent.
They are one who believes in Do or Die.
17. Ketu in Anuradha Nakshatra:

They are best at being devoted. Devotion is their key to be great in life. “Whatever they consider as mode of Devotion will be easy for them to attain.” They are good at being sensual, vigorous, spiritual, devoted, kind hearted and attractive.
They can be great in whatever they do!
18. Ketu in Jyeshtha Nakshatra:

Here Ketu is very much comfortable for the studies of Esoteric subjects, for the study of Occult or Mystical way. Here being is good at all things which are Tamasic and this can really help them to become politician. Tantric or Mafias can be
seen from this position. In school and Collage this beings must have done greatttttttttt Scandals.
19. Ketu in Moola or Mula Nakshatra:

Here Native are great in handling adversities. They are spiritual eariler in life in Tamasic way later in life they become Satvik in Spirituality. They have very similar abilities as Ketu In Jyeshta. They can be great Sexologist.
20. Ketu in Purva shadha Nakshatra:

Ketu in Purvashadha Nakshatra makes person spiritual in Satvik way. They are good at being loyal, influential, artistic, attractive, supportive and strategist. Their luck shines in Foregin land.
21. Ketu in Uttarashadha Nakshatra:

Ketu in Uttar ashadha Nakshatra makes native great at helping others. Who can uplift others by humanitarian activities. Native is good at being sincere, humorous, Social work, intellectual, optimistic, motivational.
22. Ketu in Shravana Nakshatra:

Here native is very much knowledgeable, learned. Native is good at being learner, competitive, making decisions quickly. That’s True quick learner and much successful in Foregin lands, very much ethical and creative.
23. Ketu in Dhanishtha Nakshatra:

Here native has great ability to make money. In past lives he has made great money. Native is well in money making simply.
24. Ketu in Shatabhisha Nakshatra:

Here native is good at being original it’s hard for others to change himself. Native is good at enterprising, thinking, writing, studying mystical subjects, memorizing things and very charitable.
25. Ketu in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra:

Here native is eccentric in a good way. He is all about spirituality. He is good at financial planning, being visionary, idealistic, fighting for justice, earning money, being Mystical.
26. Ketu in Uttar Bhadrapada Nakshatra:

That’s advance state of Ketu-Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra natives. Here natives are good at almost everything. Special traits are being compassionate, attractive, generous, virtuous, satisfied, balanced and charitable.
Native is great in studies of Occult and tantra And native is very artistic as Venus is exalted here.
27. Ketu in Revati or Revathi Nakshatra:

Venus the Planet of Beauty, Arts and Spirituality is exalted here this position is all about beauty, art and Spirituality. It’s about Mysticism and esoteric secretes. Native with this Ketu has all the abilities of Venus and Jupiter and
native is more about liberation. Native is Artistic, Sensual, Philosophical, Merciful, Mystical, Intelligent, Spiritual and Calm.
Have taken Ketu to identify hidden Talent which is practiced by Native in Past Lives.

Ketu = Past Life's deed
Rahu = Present Life's aim

Do check What have mastered in past lives by Ketu's placement.
Note: By Nakshatra Pada, House Placement and Aspect may make add further things which may create difference in Dignity of Ketu.

BTW Do like and share and drop comments sharing your thoughts on the thread, if you liked and enjoyed the thread so far. 😊🙏🌸
Do Check my Thread on Venus Through Nakshatras The 27 Constellations ❣.
23. Ketu in Dhanishtha Nakshatra:

They are about Money. As mentioned above in Thread most common thing about them is money making and Ketu detaches them but don't make them to forget the Skill of Making money.

They are good at sensing people, good at negotiation,
good at speaking such times they are wayyyy rude but when their intention comes they are the most Sweetest.

They are good over music too they love music.

That's further thing which I know about Dhanistha Ketu.

Thank you!
The Art of Nakshatras

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