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My number 1 stock pick for 2021 is: Pine Island Acquisition Corp.


Let me break down why I think this will be THE SPAC of 2021. 👇

TL:DR – the management team is loaded with President Biden’s closest friends and advisors. No other SPAC has this level of access.

$PIPP company overview:

-focused on defense, government service & aerospace
-perfect focus when you consider who is on their Management Team
$PIPP Management

-here's where it gets EXCITING
-founded by John Thain (ex Merrill Lynch CEO and Uber director)
-then STACKED with veteran Government and Administration key figures
$PIPP Insane Management Connections

-the list of PIPP "DC Partners" includes:

-- President Biden's pick for Secretary of State (Tony Blinken)
-- President Biden's pick for Secretary of Defense (Gen. Lloyd Austin).
$PIPP - The Joe Biden Connection

- Tony Blinken and President Biden are close allies.
- Blinken has been an advisor to Biden for decades
- Blinken set to be appointed Sec. of State
$PIPP - The Joe Biden Connection Pt.2

- General Lloyd Austin has been a long term advisor to Biden
- President Biden set to appoint Gen. Austin as Sec. of Defense.
$PIPP "Unusual" Access to Information

- $PIPP is so connected to Government that it needed to include disclose its "UNUSAL access to information" in its Nov. 2020 SEC S-1 Filing.
$PIPP Hedge Fund Ownership

- two of the biggest Hedge Funds loaded up with $PIPP stock right at the IPO

-- Ken Griffin/Citadel own 6.9%
-- Israel Englander/Millennium own 5.2%
$PIPP - Under the Radar

- crucially, $PIPP satisfies my "Not Chasing" requirement.
- minimal activity on FinTwit
- only 3 posts on Reddit
- a mere 450 "watchers" on Stocktwits

====> I'm still early on $PIPP
$PIPP - Tickers

Units = $PIPP.U - $11.00
Commons = $PIPP - $10.17
Warrants = $PIPP.W - $2.34
I'm long $PIPP units and commons.

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