A 17 point summary on my 2000+ days as a trader:

Wont take more than 10 minutes ! 🧵

1. Market cycles
Market Always moves in a cyclical way, supply and demand is basic principle for any cycle that involves money. Crack it you’ll be way ahead of the curve.
2. History rhymes
Always remember that history wont repeat but will surely rhyme - go and see all major falls and all major rises. Core principles are same, triggers are variable.
3. Time > Timing
Many people say that timing the mkt is very essential but according to me the more time you spend the more you get to know about mkt that jo course will teach you.
4. Survival
If you manage to survive for the next 3650 days in the market - trust me for the fact that you will definitely be a part of one commodity one bull and bear mkt. Its more valuable than any 1L INR course.
5. Essentiality of Money
Essentiality of Money is the vital point that no one talks about. Many talk about struggles in life but not many talk that in market only money will make you money
6. Life traits
Life traits are another aspect that is unheard. If you are a disciplined and sorted out in life you are better to succeed here as your thoughts are neutral and you accept your mistakes with humility.
7. Temperament
One here needs to have a crazy amount of composure and temperament. Without these 2 you will not make money - it won’t matter if you have 5000 or 5000 crore, if you don’t know how to handle DD you’re dead.
8. Risk management
Risk management is a very talked about subject hence not emphasizing here but with this you aren’t trading - youre just gambling.
9. View on Algos
Over the time market participants become fan of algos - in my 6 years Of little experience I’ve seen that over a period of time over exploitation or a strategy getting too crowded loses it’s edge. I’m a discretionary trader hence i can be biased.
10. Neutral vs Directional
Doesn’t matter whether the strategy is neutral or directional. Many asked me what is your style - i always reply i dont have a style, i trade what i see.
11. Beginners luck
In your initial months of trading and making money make sure that you give this aspect an overlook as someone market can be irrational for years and your couple of months success will make sure you’re kicked out easily.
12. Scalability
Always remember making 1cr to 10cr can be easy but making 100cr to 1000cr is pretty difficult as it’s all about scalability. Always remember less returns but more scalable model will always work in longer run than high return less scalable.
13. Glamour
In the Era of twitter you might see 20Yo claiming to make lacs per month, don’t worry it’s all about staying in the game for long. 8 year’s down the line you will see these getting out of the mkt and new set of kids coming in sharing their MTM journey.
As a trader you dont need social validation. If you are making 10k and someone else is making 20L that doesn’t imply that youre not a better trader. Its just about time and tested patience. Everybody starts from some where - stay there youll be there one day.
15. Training
Webinars are the most dissed about thing in India. Ask yourself- the one trolling people for taking webinar - are they actually teaching you anything ? Did you learn anything ?
Yes majority of this industry is fraud but if you don’t try you wont get your mentor
16. A good trader can be a good trainer, and vice versa. Keep aside the bias and one day you’ll end up getting the best and the last mentor.
17. Finally as a trader all i will say is no matter how much ever you scale through trading - you practically will not be able to beat returns of an ace investment thesis.
Keep both hand in hand - trader and systematically invest and stay in the market.
Happy trading happy learning ♥️

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