Following @BAUDEGS I have experienced hateful and propagandist tweets time after time. I have been shocked that an academic community would be so reckless with their publications. So I did some research.
The question is:
Is this an official account for Bahcesehir Uni (Bau)?

Bahcesehir Uni, BAU has an official website which links to their social media, leading to their Twitter account @Bahcesehir
BAU’s official Twitter account
BAU has many departments, which all have separate accounts. Nowhere among them did I find @BAUDEGS
@BAUOrganization @ApplyBAU @adayBAU @BAUAlumniCenter @bahcesehirfbe @baufens @CyprusBau @bauiisbf @bauglobal @bahcesehirebe @BAUintBatumi @BAUiletisim @BAUSaglik @bauebf @TIPBAU
Nowhere among them was @BAUDEGS to find
This and the content of the @BAUDEGS account leads me to a question? Is this a fake account? If so, is the institution of @Bahcesehir aware of this account and how they undermine the academic status of the true Bahcesehir University? @TIPBAU
I wish to respectfully address the question to BAU academics as well. @EnverYucel @burakkuntay @CoskunInce @turgaypolatt @Suhers @HuseyinYucell @KoseAhmet @tunc_bozbura @dagozlem @turkerkilic @sirin_karadeniz @NafizArica @tanzerercanpolt @TIPBAU
Does @BAUDEGS represent BAU?
@GreekAnalyst @thedukeoriginal @NikosMichailid4 @mignatiou @ekathimerini @parapolitika @Makis_Kevrekidi @Strong3Mike
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The American business community is speaking with a unified voice - NAM called to invoke the 25th Amendment; the Business Roundtable and Chambers of Commerce urge a peaceful transition of power; all have denounced last week's violence. What might this mean? A few implications:

This isn't just PR - bad politics is bad for business. Here, the Harvard Business Review makes the business case for democracy (leading essay by

Historically, business has been a crucial ally for democracy. Mark Mizruchi shows how business helped secure democracy after WII, through organizations like the Committee for Economic Development (see also his @NiskanenCenter paper:


My book examines how business groups formed to lobby against patronage and corruption, and in favor of institutional reform, in the 19th c. (

For a summary of business’s role in American democracy over the 20th century, see

Today, corporations are cutting off PAC $$ — Wall St banks (JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup), big tech (Microsoft, Facebook). Many more corps have suspended donations to members of Congress who contested the certification of election results last week

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