My coverage and commentary of San Francisco homelessness in the past year.

To make it more interesting, I'm interspersing quotes throughout this thread ⬇️

‘The letters or cards that I had… they could never be replaced. It just meant more to me than a zillion dollars.’ -- Derrick, who lost his tent, ID and letters from his mother to sweeps by Caltrans
'We’re essentially under arrest. On an equally interesting note, I haven’t had any medical examination since my arrival — a bit strange considering what I’m here for.' -- Ken, shelter client who was tested positive for COVID-19
'The shelter in place has given us permission to be out here, otherwise it was just cat and mouse' -- Toro, whose tent camp in Castro District was temporarily reprieved from police sweeps
'It’s scary coming here, especially for people using on the street and with mental health issues, there’s a lot of paranoia. I didn’t know if I was being taken to a black site.' -- Joshua Owens, on his initial trepidation about entering a SIP hotel
'As homeless people we have not been treated this good for years. We usually get treated like crap … I’ve never been treated this nicely. Normally, they’re doing everything to bug us.' -- Carrie Ann Moon, on her stay at a SIP hotel
'As for our supposed incapacity to live indoors, I think my shelter mates and I could manage in a single-person space after years of congregate living. It’s not service resistance, it’s wanting appropriate services that aren’t people-resistant.'
-- me
'They’re making my life very, very horrendous, and they’re making it so anti-productive that it’s insane. Because I’m like, "hey man, I’m an artist, and this is how I make my living." That’s my survival.' -- @ronniegoodmansf on effects of sweeps
'Black, Latinx, homeless and disabled Californians are constantly targeted, surveilled and fined hundreds of dollars for everyday behaviors like sleeping, owning a dog or simply existing in public.' - Tifanei Ressl-Moyer of @lccrsf
'After almost two years, the measure known as “Our City, Our Home” can now live up to the promise of its name, affirming that I’m part of a city committed to housing homeless people and keeping them housed.' -- my story on legal victory for @OurHomeSF
'But for those of us working at the intersection of racial justice, homelessness, mental health and abolition, we know there are strong reasons to doubt that Scott Wiener is truly invested in making the changes he claims to be committed to.'
'Yet the question remained: How does one shelter in place without a place to shelter in?' - my #2020yearinreview
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