Toppers attract attention

From Top of 283 (Dec 2007) to Bottom of 21 (Mar 2020), correction 90%+ (262 points)

Recovery 50%+ of the fall

Topper in PSE on price performance from bottom Mar 20

Trading follow through on intermediate & smaller time frame can be rewarding

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Views are for educational purpose.

Riding from levels of 47 (Refer old tweet, tagged)

Impulse wave cycle + subs, completed and now waves adjusted.

This major wave 5 will only unfold, once it gives a closing above 153 levels on a weekly basis.

Pic 1 is for investors https://t.co/d4xtiRI45j

Another condition (refer 2nd image) is formation of a pennant (giving a sneak peak for a BO, closing awaited).
This is for short term / positional players

OI data is skewed because of expiry & will be misleading currently.

DYOR for opportunities

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