A dispassionate study of the primary sources of
Islam, along with an analysis of the position of
women in societies where Islam was implemented, shows that Islam's emergence was a blessing for women and it drastically improved their previously poor status.
As far as relationship to God is concerned, there is absolutely no difference between men & women. Both are promised reward/punishment according to their conduct.
In addition to the verses which makes both genders one product in regard to spirituality, Quran, in addressing believers, often uses the expression 'believing men & women' to emphasize their equality in regard to their respective duties, rights, virtues & merits. Examples:
Quran being the rulebook for muslims demonstrates how certain things should be done which also includes rules regarding marriage, behaviour between spouses, separate rights of them which cant be taken away, Allah's warnings against pressuring/confining the wife etc some verses:
In Islam, the women is more financially secured because the burden of responsibility in regard to finance, giving her shelter etc falls on the men of her family. It is permissible for her to work (not haram jobs) but it is not compulsory for her to spend that money on her family
Daughters in Islam can be ones of the reasons for her parents to obtain paradise. Allah exposes the polytheists back in the time of the prophet (pbuh) who would get disappointed to have female children and promises hell fire to those who would bury them alive.
Education rights is something Islam gave its women since the beginning of time, there were never any restrictions on muslim women obtaining knowledge regarding any matter. Moreover, its obligatory to learn, specially about one's religion.
A good example can be the wife of the prophet saw himself,Aisha RA a gem of Islamic scholarship who contributed more than 2000 hadith, took part in over 4 battles, helped the soldiers & helped establish women's rights to choose her husband in a place where women had no importance
In Islam, mothers are given more importance than any other relation and its obligatory for believers to keep her satisfied and she is one of the reasons for muslims to obtain paradise.
In Islam, parents have no right to forcefully get their daughters married against her own will, and if they do the marriage becomes void.
In addition to the separate rules Allah sets for men and women when they are married, good behaviour to women/wives is highly encouraged and behaving poorly/ abusing them is discouraged.
Unlike some religions, women's witness hold the same value of a man's in Islam, her testimony is not lower than men. Furthermore, Islam protects women by punishing people who falsely accuse her of impurity without producing sufficient witnesses which reduces slanders against them
This thread includes study which demonstrates how
covering oneself/ hijab is not oppressive but its beneficial for women instead, it protects them https://t.co/cMq4khtLBD
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