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Shared a lot of wins publicly in 2021, so it feels appropriate to share the losses just as publicly.

Here are my 10 biggest Ls from 2021 (and what I learned from each one):

Dopamine Addiction

Humans were not made for social media—the dopamine hits are dangerous.

I fell victim.

On several occasions, I found myself constantly refreshing my notifications on a viral thread.

It was gross.

I’m learning to physically force separation to avoid it.

Hustle Culture Fail

I spent the better part of the last decade as a hustle culture aficionado.

Then I burned myself out and was totally incapable of thinking creatively.

I made a change. Now I:
• Work like a lion
• Sleep 8 hours
• Take more walks

My life & work have 10Xed.

Solana Fail

I invested in Solana early and was riding high when it hit $30+ in April—10X+ on my investment.

I sold it and thought I was the next Warren Buffett.

Then it hit $100, $200, & $250—as I stubbornly sat on the sidelines refusing to re-enter.

I am not Warren Buffett.

The Hedonic Treadmill

I tweeted this in May—and then failed to practice what I preached.

Every win felt a bit less exciting. It’s part of our biology, but it was no way to live.

Measure internally, not externally.