1/ Imagine that as soon as the referendum result the EU announced that it was looking forward to the end of free movement of UK citizens in the EU

2/ Imagine if the EU said finally all those retired Brits in the EU27 could go home
3/ Imagine if the EU said finally all those Brits in the EU could stop driving down wages, taking jobs and stop sending benefits back to the UK
4/ Imagine if the EU said it was looking to use UK citizens as “bargaining chips” to get a better trade deal
5/ Imagine if the EU told UK citizens in the EU27 that they could no longer rely on established legal rights and they would have to apply for a new status which they have to pay for for less rights
6/ Imagine if the EU published over 100 no deal notices and said nothing about UK citizens
7/ Imagine if the EU said it wanted to be Global EU while failing to secure the status of UK citizens in the EU
8/ Imagine if the EU told its own citizens in the UK they will have to make their own arrangements post Brexit
9/Imagine if Juncker, Tusk, Merkel or Macron derided UK citizens in the EU as “citizens of nowhere”
10/ Imagine the EU had scuppered a trade the UK was pushing for because it wanted to limit the ability of Indians to come to the EU
11/ Imagine if the EU then announced a Brexit withdrawal agreement that would stop UK citizens being “queue jumpers” over Indian software developers
12/ Imagine if the UK Parliament still had to vote on the withdrawal agreement after all that bashing of UK citizens
13/ Imagine if the EU wanted to publish a commemorative coin with the words “friendship with all nations” to celebrate Brexit
14/ I imagine the UK would say that was a fucking liberty
15/ Thanks to @GuitarMoog for the inspiration for this thread and for his laser sharp original tweet - see tweet 1

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Handy guide for Dominic Raab and other Brexiteers, and for anyone keen to replace our EU trade with trade with the rest of the world on WTO terms...

You can't magic away the vast distances involved. Clue: we fly in only 1/192th of our trade compared to the amount that arrives via sea

But even if you invented a teleporter tomorrow, WTO terms are so bad, so stacked against us, that a no-deal Brexit will be a total economic disaster

And while the Brexiteers fantasise, real jobs are being lost, investments are drying up, companies are moving assets to the EU27 or redomiciling. All already happened and happening right now, not in some mythical

Of course, there are many, many myths that Brexiteers perpetuate that are total fiction. You've seen a couple of them already. The thread below busts a whole lot

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