After trading hours, homework involves using stock screeners.

Traders use screeners to sort 1500+ stocks into active ones, which saves a lot of time.

Here are the top 18 screeners:

Collaborated with @niki_poojary

Listing all scanners from @Pathik_Trader Sir first.

1. Open Drive
2. 80-20 Reversal Setup
3. Fake paradise
4. Trapping Inside Bar (Positional Setup)
5. Open = High and Open = Low
Now all scanners from @sanstocktrader Sir

6. Bullish cloud break out on 1-hour chart.
7. Ichimoku cloud breaks down on a 1-hour chart.
Now scanners from @SouravSenguptaI Sir

8. BTST scanner
9. 3 days Higher High Higher Low
10. NR21-VWAP by Mr @jigspatel1988
11. Volatility Contraction Pattern by Mr @markminervini
12. Volume Buzzer by Mr @YMehta_
13. Volatility Contraction by @YMehta_
14. Momentum Trading by Mr @iManasArora shared on Elearn by @vivbajaj Sir
15. Google weekly breakouts as @hjyadav Sir does for useful screeners.
3 Screeners for breakout trading by Mr @Trading0secrets

16. Potential breakout scanner
17. Short term breakout scanner
18. Long term breakout scanner
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These scanners should be sufficient for anyone who was on the lookout for good scanners.

Contains material for intraday and positional both.

Work hard and make money now.


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A THREAD ON @SarangSood

Decoded his way of analysis/logics for everyone to easily understand.

Have covered:
1. Analysis of volatility, how to foresee/signs.
2. Workbook
3. When to sell options
4. Diff category of days
5. How movement of option prices tell us what will happen

1. Keeps following volatility super closely.

Makes 7-8 different strategies to give him a sense of what's going on.

Whichever gives highest profit he trades in.

2. Theta falls when market moves.
Falls where market is headed towards not on our original position.

3. If you're an options seller then sell only when volatility is dropping, there is a high probability of you making the right trade and getting profit as a result

He believes in a market operator, if market mover sells volatility Sarang Sir joins him.

4. Theta decay vs Fall in vega

Sell when Vega is falling rather than for theta decay. You won't be trapped and higher probability of making profit.

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And here they are...


Remember, this money is just fun. If you launched a product (or even attempted a launch) - you did something worth MUCH more than $1,000.


The winners 👇


Lattes For Change - Skip a latte and save a life.

@frantzfries built a platform where you can see how skipping your morning latte could do for the world.

A great product for a great cause.

Congrats Chris on winning $250!


Instaland - Create amazing landing pages for your followers.

A team project! @bpmct and @BaileyPumfleet built a tool for social media influencers to create simple "swipe up" landing pages for followers.

Really impressive for 24 hours. Congrats!


SayHenlo - Chat without distractions

Built by @DaltonEdwards, it's a platform for combatting conversation overload. This product was also coded exclusively from an iPad 😲

Dalton is a beast. I'm so excited he placed in the top 10.


CoderStory - Learn to code from developers across the globe!

Built by @jesswallaceuk, the project is focused on highlighting the experience of developers and people learning to code.

I wish this existed when I learned to code! Congrats on $250!!
Recently, the @CNIL issued a decision regarding the GDPR compliance of an unknown French adtech company named "Vectaury". It may seem like small fry, but the decision has potential wide-ranging impacts for Google, the IAB framework, and today's adtech. It's thread time! 👇

It's all in French, but if you're up for it you can read:
• Their blog post (lacks the most interesting details):
• Their high-level legal decision:
• The full notification:

I've read it so you needn't!

Vectaury was collecting geolocation data in order to create profiles (eg. people who often go to this or that type of shop) so as to power ad targeting. They operate through embedded SDKs and ad bidding, making them invisible to users.

The @CNIL notes that profiling based off of geolocation presents particular risks since it reveals people's movements and habits. As risky, the processing requires consent — this will be the heart of their assessment.

Interesting point: they justify the decision in part because of how many people COULD be targeted in this way (rather than how many have — though they note that too). Because it's on a phone, and many have phones, it is considered large-scale processing no matter what.