Convo between @tferriss & @naval on modern loneliness:

Naval: In India there's this concept of the extended family where you basically live with your tribe at all times, so when we were young, at our grandmother's place with my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my grandparents,

everyone was there, and it was a warm night so we went out to the backyard and put all these comforters and these little cots out and everyone would sleep in this giant pile with fifteen people underneath the stars...
it was there's two things that were great about it: the noise level didn't bother you, if someone's foot was in your face it didn't bother you. When it's family and you're young it all just works and you feel very safe and very happy.
Another thing is that it reinforces how important the tribe is. Modern society gives us incredible flexibility in that we can get away from our crazy family members, we're not destined to die where we are born or to do what our parents did. So we have incredible freedom.
But coming with it is this tremendous loneliness that we try to cover up either through drugs, alcohol, partying, even trying to find a mission like putting people on mars. But the reality is that a lot of that loneliness comes from being disconnected from growing up in your
tribal environment so it's important that as you grow older to figure out how to build your tribe that is always around you. The more they're in your business the better. Like when I go to India in my grandparents house it’s impossible for anyone in there, in that house, to feel
depressed. There’s dogs barking, seven cousins in your business, there’s your aunts asking you if you've had enough to eat. Like everyone is always in your business. So depression requires some level of privacy or at least that's self-absorbed depression..
.there's an abject loneliness that all of us can feel that comes from being disconnected from our roots and our roots are very tribal
Ferris: "...when you have a bunch of people around you and you have other things to do that require you to be interacting with other entities and occupied its very hard to be self absorbed in a way that spirals downward"
Naval: certainly is one way you can help not being depressed or lonely is when you constantly have other peoples' houses to go into or lives you can step into

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