18 Things I Would Do At 18:

I was a dumb 18-year-old. I thought I had the world figured out. I didn't.

I stayed up till the wee hours. Drank every liquor invented.

Partied non-stop. Woke up after noon.

Surfed the web aimlessly.

Read BS self-help.


If I could do it all over again, here's 18 things I would do...


ACTION #1: Break the chains - I wish I made the decision earlier. I didn't. I was scared. Anxious. Nervous. I knew once I made the decision, there was no going back.

Don't be like me.
Make the decision at 18. The decision to pave your own path in life. To go against the herd. To choose your own adventure. To commit to whatever sets your heart on fire.

ACTION #2: Cut off every negative person in your life.

Scroll through the contacts in your phone...
Notice how the names make you feel.

Delete any and all names that fill you with doubt and negativity.

ACTION #3: Condition your mind to embrace the producer mindset instead of the consumer mindset.

Consume 20% of the time. Produce 80% of the time.

Case closed.
ACTION #4: Set an intention to make $10k a month and write it out every MORNING and NIGHT as if you already achieved it (in the past tense).

Visualize yourself already having the money as you write.



Does it work?


Greatest education = Mastering in-demand skills.

ACTION #5: Learn Copywriting

Greatest skill = Sales

Master it and you master the game of money.

It's really that simple.

ACTION #6: Learn how to code.

Second greatest skill = To build.
In commerce, you either need people to sell your shit or build your shit.

If you know how to do both, you become a machine who can print money at will.


ACTION #7: Use your copy and coding skills to build and sell. Build and sell. Build and sell.
Build apps, e-commerce websites, IG profiles, games, niche sites, email lists, an audience. Whatever.

Then sell, sell, sell.

Experiment like crazy until you achieve *initial* success.

ACTION #8: Make a list of 50 people who've done what you want to do.
Cold email each.

Use your copy skills and your *initial* success to position yourself as a "high-value" young kid who is HUNGRY for MASSIVE success and is willing to do whatever it takes.

Ask to apprentice under them for FREE.

One person will bite.

Soak game.

ACTION #9. Create 5 bank accounts. And allocate a certain % of every dime you make to the following accounts:

A. Self-Education Account
B. Travel Account
C. Investment Account
D. Fun Account

Note: Most of your $'s should be reinvested into your biz.
ACTION #10: Find a wolf-pack to howl with.

Ideally people who are a few steps ahead of you.

It's easier to make a $1 million/year when everyone around you is making $5 million.

ACTION #11. Make a list of everything that scares the living fuck out of you.

Conquer each.
PHASE FIVE: Do's and Dont's

ACTION #12: Don't listen to people who say, "Oh you have your entire life to figure it out. Take it easy."


Before you know it, the years will pass you by.

And you won't have nothing going.

ACTION #13: Don't become a self-help junkie.
Only pick up a book if you need help solving a problem.

Stop reading for the sake of accumulating knowledge you think you'll use "one-day."

Any worthwhile skill is learned in the trenches.

Not inside a book.

ACTION #14: Do take long walks every day.

Morning or evening.
ACTION #15: Do meditate.

It may lead you to discovering the secrets of the universe.

Or at the very least, teach you detachment and focus.

ACTION #16: Don't listen to anybody who isn't where you want to be.

Another trap.

ACTION #17: Do make time for fun.

ACTION #18: Do live fast and hard. And fuck up as many times as you can before you turn 20, 25, 30, 50, 75, 105 and die. For fucking up is a privilege reserved for the bold. Most people drift and play it safe. They never give themselves the luxury of fucking up.


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