this game definitely didn't have any problems in localization

ahh yes, I remember when my father went off to look for the dragon
(Brain Lord by Enix)
I'm just looking through SNES RPGs for ones that'd be good for the generator.
This is Arcana.
The pouch is empty!
This is Brandish
Breathe of Fire
or rather, Breath of Fire.
it's late.

And here's Breath of Fire 2! As you can see, both of them only let me be Foon, not Foone.
every part of Drakkhen screams "I was a port from another system", but it's got some OK fonts. might be good for a generator
Dragon View is Drakkhen 2.
The font is a bit boring
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.

Kinda boring out of context, probably wouldn't make a great generator.
Inindo has a neat font, but that semi-transparentness makes for terrible generators
Remember when Interplay made a LOTR game for the SNES?
It's JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings - Volume One
This one is definitely on the to-do list already
Along with Lufia II
Might & Magic III got ported to the SNES. It's got a boring font here.
Paladin's Quest.
I looked into doing this one before, but the font is kinda boring
Kinda interesting font, might be a good choice!
Secret of Mana is a classic but it's got that semi-transparent background again
Secret of the Stars.
I don't seem to have The 7th Saga on hand, but from the screenshots I see online, it's got semi-transparent dialog boxes
Super Ninja Boy.
the text in the intro maybe, but the in-game dialogue, no
The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang: Generic font, tiny dialog box, transparent background.
A couple Ultimas got ported to the SNES, but one is original: Runes of Virtue 2.

Not a good fit, though.

Not really.
ran out of SNES, switched to NES.
Swords and Serpents might be alright. the guy is amusing
The Magic of Scheherazade a lot of portraits. Might be good
Dungeon Magic - Sword of the Elements might be good, with the little dialog boxes
Faria isn't going to be good for twitter because of the aspect ratio but it's gonna be worth it for this portrait alone
oh god does everyone in this game look like this
And someday I gotta add some game in the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior series, by law.
(shown here: Dragon Warrior 1)

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