So, I am late but I need to say two or three things.
Ppl who follow me know I was against D’s resurrection plot because like this S1 and S2 were written for nothing. But Dilsha is here and I read comments about Miran being a crying baby +

+which is true but the problem here is that he cried too much for her loss in S1&S2, thus we are kind of fed up. But now comes my famous BUT:
This man just discovered that his dead thought mother is alive. The woman he in first place took revenge for bc she was+
#Hercai #ReyMir
+ apparently raped (lie) and killed (lie). The man who was mentally abused for 27y by his grandmother and who nearly drove him crazy. Miran lived so many moments of abandonment and loss and for what: for a big, fat overall LIE. +
#Hercai #ReyMir
+ He was never allowed to sit on his grandmothers lap, he never received a warm caress or embrace. He was emotionally and empathetically drained. So, his heart continued beating because there was the last bit of motherly love in it that survived+
#Hercai #ReyMir
+ and kept him alive although exposed to harshness, coldness and hate of Azize. It was that last bit of mother love, which later with Reyyan’s love, made him not loose his mind.
#Hercai #ReyMir
+ The tomb of his mother was the place(only a few hours after revenge) where M. confessed that his heart still was burning as if it was on fire. His dead mother was the person Miran confessed to that he is in love with Reyyan before he even confessed it to himself
#Hercai #ReyMir
+The tomb of his mother was the place where after Reyyan’s “no” to his proposal, he regained faith because a butterfly appeared in front of him and he saw it as a sign. Although his mother was dead she guided him for all this time.
#Hercai #ReyMir
+ The man who said to Reyyan he dreamt about hugging her a few nights back is now in front of a closed door and behind it is his mother. He experiences a rejection and abandonment AGAIN! And I have to read here he is a cry baby...+
#Hercai #ReyMir
+ well, if he isn’t crying now I don’t know when he should be crying exactly further in the story tbh. He might also be crying not only because he is upset for himself but also bcs Azize brought his own mother to the state of refusing him/seeming him as a threat+
#Hercai #ReyMir
+ or even a danger. How can you not cry if u think that ur own mother thinks of you that u could harm her if in reality the only thing you want to do is simply hug her/see her?
#Hercai #ReyMir
It’s wrong that D was brought back because of course with it the attention/focus would go back to Miran/the pain Miran lived through.
I am not blaming Miran here bcs he has the right to cry, the problem is that with this plot all the crying of S1,S2 is prolonged+
#Hercai #ReyMir
+ and which he would have had the right in S3 to be finally “freed and healed from” together with Reyyan by his side and because of Reyyan and her love and their future family they are building.
#Hercai #ReyMir

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