I present to you all, my (possibly) superthread On how and why the Unknown God from Genshin Impact, and The Herrscher of Void/God Kiana/Sirin from Honkai Impact!

First off! We’ll start with the obvious things that constitute a possible connection.

They share the same Japanese Voice actress! Rie Kugimiya.
Usually this is a stretch reason, but considering everything else, it’s not unlikely that it’s the same character.
Secondly, their Appearances.
The both have very long white hair with identical bang style, and a very noticeable small piece of hair on top that curls upwards. That’s a defining part Of all of Kiana’s hairstyles, and for it to be shared with this god says something.
Another notable thing is their eyes. They both have Glowing golden eyes with very similar appearances. They contain a ring, and a 4-point star pupil. Resemblant of a scope if you will. That’s The Herrscher of Void’s defining characteristic
If you’d even like to take a look at their outfits, there’s resemblances including the black fur collar, the designs on the torso and chest, and the use of something similar to coat tails/skirt. The Herrscher can change their outfit and they aren’t stuck with one. Sirin does this
They also both have gloves or glove-like coverings on their left arms with similar patterns, and small gloves on their right hand as I’ll show you here.
Ok now that that’s done, it’s time for the actually interesting part. Why/why is the Herrscher here, and why is she after the Travelers?
First of all, We know that Herrscher of Void (HoV) wants to destroy humanity and everything about it, to torture them for eternity, and so on. She attempts this several times, all of which have failed, but some have come close. In her last defeat she took a whole country with her
She dragged Siberia into her Voidscape to bring them eternal suffering before she could truly fall. She has the capability to travel within the void, and as others have mentioned, can use the Sea of Quanta, an abstract but plausible concept related to Einstein’s Quantum Physics +
, to travel between parallel universes. A multiverse is part of many quantum theories, and the way to get through to each of them, as proposed by Einstein, is a Wormhole. One of HoV’s many noted powers is the ability to create wormholes. This allows her VERY easy travel between+
universes, and and leaves us a completely plausible explanation as to why she’s in Teyvat. The same can be said about the Travelers. They are said to travel between universes, and thus they must’ve had similar powers. This could also explain why HoV is after them.
Looking at Sirin, we come to know that HoV is very power-hungry, and wants to have all means of destruction at her fingertips. She wants to be the best and strongest. She can do this by taking the power of others. In Genshin, we’re told that Unknown God has stripped them of+
their powers so that they cannot leave Teyvat. Knowing Sirin/HoV’s personality, we can see why she would want to take such power
From them and use it for herself.
She’s also been noted to make Pseudo-Herrschers and Honkai Beasts, which we can tell have been paralleled in+
the Abyss Mages and how Traveler’s sibling is granted some new (unseen thus far) powers and right to control the Abyss Mages, much like Pseudo-Herrschers and Honkai Beasts.
This world doesn’t function with Honkai energy, however it does use the elements. There is also an +
Unknown Element or power, likely related to the Abyss in the forgotten and ruined region of Khaenri’ah.
The Alchemy that Khaenri-ah practices, The Art of Khemia, could possibly be using something similar to the Honkai energy. Essentially this universe’s version.
So going back a bit, HoV probably wants access to this power, so she can create different kinds of life to obey her and aid in her destruction of humanity. She wants to know what other energy out there can make her stronger.
Hell, knowing her I’ll bet she wants to challenge the Archons. She is the strongest Herrscher and could take down the others, who’s to say she couldn’t take down Archons with her lust for power?
The Abyss Order and such are likely her way of Infiltrating the world and overthrowing it’s major powers, much like how Herrschers used Honkai Beasts.
And now, moving on to another possibly relevant topic. It’s a little vague because we aren’t far into this plot yet, but it’s an idea.
So in one of Scaramouche’s 3 cutscenes, he’s looking at an object Supposedly related to the meteors. His mind seems to have been transferred into a dreamlike state, where he saw something that struck him as very strange. He claims that “It’s not real. The stars are a lie.”
In essence, something about the sky is fake. I know this sounds dumb but think about the plot of Chicken little for a moment. The sky was fake, right? Mayhaps this is a similar situation. It could be the bubble/shell surrounding Teyvat that shields it from something I referenced+
Earlier known as The Sea of Quanta. Essentially, it is the multiverse, and one multiverse theory involves the “Bubble universes.” This is a theory that proposes that each universe is a bubble in a much larger space. Going off of the fact that supposedly, HoV can travel the+
Sea of Quanta/Multiverse and wormhole through each, its entirely possible that the worlds of Genshin and Honkai are parallel universes in the same multiverse. Someone like HoV, and our Travelers, can traverse between each universe.
Maybe the reason HoV stopped the Travelers in Teyvat was because that was when her plan had gone into full action. It could be that the travelers visited her Honkai universe, and she likely noticed and did not one them to interfere with her destruction of that Earth.
By cornering them in Teyvat and stripping them of their powers, and subjecting one of them to a Mind-control consisting of the Nightmare-voidscape that she had sent the Traveler’s sibling into, she could prevent them from interfering in her world, and instead have them +
Attempt to overrun that world for her until her current mission succeeds and she can conquer and destroy Teyvat herself.
I could also propose to you that, yes Genshin and Honkai are parallel, but the Unknown God is Genshin’s version of The Herrscher of Void, and the archons are parallels to the other Herrschers. UG could still have dough after Traveler’s powers for herself, like Sirin did in Honkai
Mayhaps the Herrscher and God will one day meet up and end up destroying the entire multiverse together along with other parallel deities. We don’t know yet.
And that is all for now! That was a long thread 😅

I promise I didn’t pull this out of my ass either like the Scaramouche thing, I actually thought about this a lot and did research and spent almost 3 hours reading for this :’)
Feel free to promote this! It took a bit of effort.

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