11 signs $ETH is going to blow past its all-time high 👇🏼

#1: Ethereum continues to dwarf the entire crypto space in terms of fees paid ($7.25m daily avg) -- proving it's the most useful network in the world.
#2: The number of large $ETH transactions (>$100k) is 7x smaller than during its 2018 ATHs -- a sign that whales and institutions still haven't entered the game.
#3: Hash Rate is at an all-time high (313.12 TH/s) -- a sign that miners have never been more confident.
#4: Ethereum has nearly 550k daily active addresses (90-day MA) -- a figure that has doubled YTD and now sits comfortably at ATHs too.
#5: There are now more than 1.25M #DeFi users, a figure that continues its parabolic uptrend -- a sign that Ethereum's biggest use case is on a path towards product-market fit.
#6: There is now more than $25 billion dollars locked in #DeFi, with 21 different projects having more than $100M TVL -- a sign that the ecosystem is maturing rapidly and becoming institutional-grade.
#7: Almost $22 billion in stablecoin supply now exists on Ethereum, an increase of ~$20B in the past year -- a sign of major demand for cryptodollars.
#8: Monthly #DEX volume stands at more than $30B, up ~50x YoY -- a sector where #DeFi is starting to rival #CeFi.
#9: More than $20B has been deposited into lending protocols, with outstanding loans close to $4.5B -- a sign that #DeFi lending is becoming more battle-tested.
#10: $ETH is steadily flowing out of exchanges, including more than 530k on one day last week (worth ~$740M) -- a telltale sign of accumulation.
#11: 2.57 million $ETH has been sent to the #Eth2 deposit contract, a figure alone that would be good for the #12 cryptoasset by marketcap -- a sign that confidence in Ethereum's next-generation upgrade is high.
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You are running out of time to get ahead in cryptocurrency.

You know what's coming:

🔺️ Regulation
🔺️ More shutdowns
🔺️ Banks deciding who gets to do business

It's time you got your own crypto wallet.

Don't know how? I'll show you.



What's metamask? It's a wallet. That you -- I mean YOU -- own.

You see, when you buy crypto through an exchange like CoinBase, you own it but only kind of.

If they get

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🔺 Shutdown
🔺 Servers crash

-- your money is STUCK.

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First thing,

Go to


You can download it on your computer. It's a browser extension.

Alternatively, go to the app store on your Android or iPhone. It's there too.

As part of the setup process, you will choose a password.

More importantly though...


As you follow the setup process, you will be given a 12-word seed phrase.


Take it down and guard it like the map to Davey Jones' Locker.



We good? Great.

Let's continue.

Once you're all setup, your MetaMask wallet is going to look something like the picture below.

See where it says Crypto Address? That's where your actual address will be.

It'll be a random arrangement of letters, numbers, etc.

Click on it to copy to your clipboard


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