So far, none of the representatives from KFOR, UNMIK, UN police, who stayed in Kosovo & Metohija has written a single word of praise in the books about the so-called independent Kosovo! πŸ‘‡

More than 30 representatives of various military and civilian missions from around the world in #Kosovo and Metohija since 1999 - #KFOR, #UNMIK, #UN police, #OSCE financial police, #EULEX etc. - wrote books about the real situation in the southern Serbian province! πŸ‘‡
No positive words were written about #Kosovo, which in 2008 declared unilateral independence, by absolutely none of them.

The most common conclusion is that Albanian Kosovo is a criminal drug mafia artificial creation, it is an island of lawlessness! πŸ‘‡
Those who wrote books about #Kosovo after staying in Serbian province for certrain amount of time, were in high positions and places in Kosovo and Metohija and knew far more about the real situation inside Kosovo, which illegally declared independence back in 2008. πŸ‘‡
"Independence suits those in command: Thaci himself who runs the oil business, Bexhet Pacolli who needs a hole in which he will store his money, Ramush Haradinaj and Agim Γ‡eku. And they don't care about independence."

- Fabio Mini wrote in his book "La Guerra spiegata a..." πŸ‘‡
General Fabio Mini was the former chief of staff of the #NATO and former commander of #KFOR in #Kosovo.

Mini warned that Albanian criminals were still active, citing a person he did not want to name, who ordered at least 28 murders of party associates of former leader Rugova. πŸ‘‡
"This is a person who, like many other leaders of the #Kosovo Liberation Army (#KLA), never explained what happened to the thousands of Roma, #Serbs and Albanians accused of cooperating with the enemy, in the years after the war" - concluded Fabio Mini. πŸ‘‡
Lieutenant General Fabio Mini, former chief of Staff of the #NATO Southern Command and former commander of #KFOR in #Kosovo, believes the goal of building a #KLA monument to veterans is to obscure their criminal responsibility in both war and peace. πŸ‘‡
General Fabio Mini believes that the role of families and survivors, who pay tribute to their dead, is a deliberate scenario that, according to him, should divert the public's attention from the terrorist and criminal activities of former freedom fighters (#KLA) in #Kosovo. πŸ‘‡
This is quite interesting statement, taking into consideration that what he said is actually what many foreign soldiers and bureaucrats living in #Kosovo think as well, but could not say publicly. πŸ‘‡
University professor from Rome, Alessandro di Meo, visited #Kosovo many times after 1999 and stayed in the Serbian camps, where displaced Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija lived and still live. He has written three books about Kosovo, and in the book "L'urlo del Kosovo" he wrote: πŸ‘‡
"Unfortunately, today's barbarians in #Kosovo, Albanians, not only destroy Serbian cultural property, monasteries, houses, make people hostages in small enclaves, but actually are doing something much more perfidious - they try to erase the memory, the memory of Serbian roots πŸ‘‡
in Kosovo and Metohija. It is not surprising that #NATO has established an alliance with criminals in #Kosovo." πŸ‘‡
University professor Alessandro di Meo further states in his book:

- "#Europe, as an old mother, is under the domination of the degenerate son - #US."

- "It can be seen in #Kosovo today that the barbarism of the Albanians is beating the culture of the #Serbs." πŸ‘‡
Italian journalist and writer Marilina Veca has been diligent and persistent in revealing the real truth about the lives of #Serbs in #Kosovo and Metohija for decades.

She has written four books about Kosovo, all are published in Serbian and Italian language. πŸ‘‡
In her book "Kosovo E Metohija Il Ritorni Impossibile" Veca wrote:

"#Kosovo is a wound that continues to bleed in the heart of #Europe. I did see genocide in Kosovo, but genocide against Serbs and non-Albanians. Not only physical but also cultural genocide against Serbs..." πŸ‘‡
Maria Lina was the first to open Pandora's box of #OrganTrafficking, and in one occasion she said that she does not believe that anyone will be responsible for Serbian victims.

She said that army of journalists in #Kosovo had other priorities, among which was not truth. πŸ‘‡
Through the book "Wolf's Heart", Maria was among the first ones to warn the world of the smuggling of human organs of abducted Serbs from #Kosovo & Metohija.

- "More than 2,000 Serbs have disappeared in front of the eyes of so-called international community and no one cares." πŸ‘‡
The book "Wolves in the for" by Italian journalists Giuseppe Culla and Vittorio Romano documents the role of the #UN, the #EU and the #US in creating a criminal state in the heart of the Balkans and placing terrorists and criminals at the top of the state administration: πŸ‘‡
"The Mafia loves fog, as do wolves." These are the words of a police officer from #Kosovo and they represent a synthesis of reality in a self-proclaimed state to which, in more than 10yrs of administration, the #UN has not brought prosperity, judiciary or justice, πŸ‘‡
but only misery and rising criminal rates. In #Kosovo, in the name of "stability for the Balkans", ligitimized ruling class is connected by double threads with the mafia."

Two journalists, Culla and Romano, very conscientiously and deeply researched the "Kosovo phenomenon" πŸ‘‡
and the balance of international governance in that Serbian province:

β€’ Blocking the process for perpetrators of war crimes

β€’ Sloppy investigations into #Kosovo's top political leaders, mostly former #KLA commanders πŸ‘‡
β€’ The mysterious disappearance of evidence from #Kosovo on the road between the #UN and the #EU

β€’ Reports of #OSCE observers reporting UN inertia, which remained a dead letter on paper

β€’ #US responsibility for developments on the ground πŸ‘‡
The book "Kosovo is a country at the crossroads" by Roberto Magni & Lulca Ciccotti, people who worked in the financial police (Guardia di finanza) in #Kosovo, talks about organized crime, money laundering, financing terrorists etc - topics that the whole world is silent about. πŸ‘‡
- "What remains to be said about #Kosovo after more than 10yrs since the #NATO bombing? Definitely much more, because it is likely that the young Republic of Kosovo will become a real Tortuga Island... πŸ‘‡
(*Tortuga is an island in the Caribbean Sea, an important center of piracy in the 17th century and a place of lawlessness).

That is why #Kosovo today is a true place of lawlessness and a danger for the neighboring nations" Roberto Magni and Luca Ciccotti wrote. πŸ‘‡
French Colonel Jacques Hogard, who was the first person to enter #Kosovo and Metohija to prepare for the arrival of #KFOR, in his book "#Europe died in Pristina" says that Kosovo is the biggest European mistake and that #NATO openly supports Albanian terrorists and criminals. πŸ‘‡
"We were on the wrong side when we came to #Kosovo in 1999," French Colonel Jacques Hogard wrote.

Czech Lieutenant Colonel Marek Obrtel, former chief of the 11th Czech military hospital in Afghanistan, who also served in #Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, in his interview said: πŸ‘‡
- "#NATO committed genocide against Serbs in #Kosovo and Metohija and it is an evil alliance."

Obrtel said he was giving back four NATO medals he received for his role in international peacekeeping missions as he was "deeply ashamed"... πŸ‘‡
Italian policeman who was in #Kosovo and Metohija and worked on discovering numerous cases of murders, Antonio Evangelista in his book "The tower of skulls. Kosovo 2000-2004" wrote:

- "Albanians in Kosovo work according to the principles of the mafia and the laws of silence." πŸ‘‡

More from Crime

We - myself from AIPWA, @kawalpreetdu from @AISA_tweets and advocate Sneha from @HRLNIndia are in Kanth, #Moradabad to meet the Muskan and Rashid, the couple who are victims of illegal arrest, forced abortion by @UPPolice under the hateful ordinance passed by @myogiadityanath

We found that 1) Muskan is very weak after her miscarriage, and the Moradabad District Hospital where she was admitted has not given her the treatment papers, nor any course of antibiotics and painkillers to prevent post miscarriage infections that can affect fertility in future

2) The first dose of antibiotics & painkillers Muskan received is today - after we got her to speak on phone to a senior gynaecologist in Delhi, who explained that antibiotics are always prescribed following a miscarriage, to prevent infections.

3) Muskan alleges that the hospital administered abortifacient injections after which she suffered a miscarriage. What is indisputable is that the hospital deliberately failed in its duty to a patient, a) by not telling Muskan re the miscarriage b) by not prescribing antibiotics

and c) by withholding her treatment papers which every patient is supposed to receive
Moreover, how did the head of the UP State Commission for Protection of Child Rights Dr Vishesh Gupta, declare that pregnancy was intact? On whose orders did Dr Vishesh Gutpa lie?

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