I love Twitter.

It’s truly the Town Square of the Internet.

But finding the diamond in the rough voices can be tough.

Here are 20 of my favorite people to follow:

1. Alex Lieberman - @businessbarista

Alex writes extensively about the Founder journey.

The cool part is he’s lived everything he talks about - starting from $0 and selling for $75M with hardly any outside capital raised.

My favorite piece:

2. Ryan Breslow - @ryantakesoff

Ryan is a Top 1% founder.

This guy is a machine - he’s built 2 unicorns before the age of 27.

Ryan spells out lessons on fundraising, operating and scaling.

My favorite piece:

3. Jesse Pujji - @jspujji

Jesse is who I think of when I think “bootstrapping.”

He bootstrapped his company to an 8-figure exit and now shares stories about other awesome bootstrappers.

He’s also got great insight into all things growth marketing:

4. Post Market - @Post_Market

Post puts out some of the most thoughtful investment insights on this platform.

It’s refreshing because Post cuts through the hype and goes deep into the business model.

Idk who he/she/it is, but the insights are 💣.

5. Packy McCormick - @packyM

This guy is literally the definition of not boring.

His long form pieces are hit after hit.

If you want to stretch your brain on where the world is going, you gotta subscribe to his newsletter

My favorite piece:

6. Mario Gabriele - @mariogabriele

Mario is another of my favorite long form internet writers.

He deconstructs public markets, business models and emerging trends.

Must read and follow.

My favorite piece:

7. Chris Dixon - @cdixon

Chris leads the Crypto Fund at @a16z and has been on the frontier edge of crypto for the past decade.

If you’re trying to get up to speed on what’s going in crypto, he’s a great source.

My favorite thread from him lately:

8. Kat Cole - @KatColeATL

Kat is a human 🦄

She went from no college to leading a $5B conglomerate of some of America's most recognizable consumer brands.

She’s also one of the best communicators I know.

Follow her for all things brand, community, culture and NFTs.
9. Joe Pompliano - @JoePompliano

Joe’s got the best threads breaking down the intersection of tech, business and sports.

I’m a huge sports junkie so his writing is must read for me.

Here’s my favorite piece of his:

10. Nik Sharma - @mrsharma

Nik shares really practical, hard hitting advice on all things DTC and Growth.

If you’re interested in e-commerce and brand building, he is “the” guy to follow.

Here’s my favorite thread of his:

11. Codie Sanchez - @Codie_Sanchez

Codie talks about "real business."

Car washes, laundromats...cash flowing machines.

Some see that and think: "boring."

I think that's exactly why it’s so cool to follow her.

Especially if you're in the tech echo chamber.
12. Ndamukong Suh - @NdamukongSuh

ND is going to go down as one of the most thoughtful entrepreneurs of our generation.

He writes about being a world class athlete, financial literacy and life lessons.

My favorite piece from him:

13. Shaan Puri - @ShaanVP

I've known him since college and he still never ceases to impress me.

He’s one of the most original thinkers I know and consistently has contrarian, insightful takes.

I love this thread he wrote on the Metaverse:

14: Dickie Bush (@dickiebush) and Nicolas Cole (@Nicolascole77)

The Writing Guys.

They created Ship30for30 and have taught over 2,000 people (!) how to be better writers on the internet in the last year.

They share awesome tips / tricks on how to be a better communicator.
15. Sahil Bloom - @SahilBloom

Sahil has a special way of articulating really complex, nuanced topics in simple & elegant terms.

Over the past year, he's built up a fanbase of 300k+ folks.

Once you start reading his work, it's pretty clear why.
16. Apolo Ohno - @ApoloOhno

My friend Apolo is one of the most decorated Winter Olympians in history.

He's now taking all of that intensity and channeling it back into sharing lessons on life, leadership and mindset.

He's also doing a bunch of cool things in crypto.
17. Trung Phan - @TrungTPhan

I don't think there is a funnier + more insightful guy on the internet right now than Trung.

Trung picks topics that we run across in our everyday lives and breaks them down.

This is my favorite piece of his:

18. David Sacks - @DavidSacks

I'm biased...he may be my favorite bestie.

David shares great lessons and insights on building generational software businesses.

He's got an awesome piece on his blog on the parallels between Michael Jordan and Founders.

Highly recommended.
19. Marc Lore - @MarcLore

Each project Marc takes on gets bigger and bigger.

E-comm legend (founded Jet) --> sports team owner with @AROD --> building a new city (Telosa).

The coolest part is he's super approachable and is bringing others along for the ride.
20. Wes Kao - @wes_kao

I love reading interesting takes on the future of education.

Traditional school is really regressive - saddles folks with debt and gives less upward mobility by the day.

Wes shares nuanced takes on how to break that model.

That’s it!

It was hard to pick *just* 20 folks.

There’s tons more on this platform. I’ll write Part 2 soon.

Go follow all of these people - my perspectives have expanded big time from all of their insights.
Give me a follow as well if you haven’t - @RomeenSheth.

I write about running a $50M+ bootstrapped business and observations from investing a few million a year into rockstar founders that are way better than me.

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Here is an EASY thread 👇

Katapult was founded in 2012 and was initially called Zibby and operated by Cognical

💸 By 2015, it had raised $ 10m in equity and debt from VC funds such as Tribeca Venture Partners and Blumberg

Cognical was founded by 👇

Brandon Wright - a Cornell MBA who later founded @payfully

Ashutosh Saxena - a PhD in AI from Stanford (awards:

Chinedu Eleanya - a serial entrepreneur who later founded @GetMulberry which sells extended warranty to shoppers

Zibby was a “Lease-To-Own” service designed for durable goods & products (furniture, appliances, electronics)

1️⃣ When customers purchase an item online, Zibby retains the rights to this item

2️⃣ Zibby rents the item to the customer

3️⃣ The customer can decide to purchase the full ownership rights of the item at any time

This model proved successful and Zibby was incubated by Cornell

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