An explosive new criminal complaint against Martin Inacker, the former CEO of @wpmeurocom in #Germany shows Inacker potentially double crossing his #Saudi clients by colluding with #Qatar to cover up Doha's #Hezbullah's sponsorship in exchange for hush money.

According to the complaint, Inacker had kept the terms of his initial agreement with the #Saudi Ministry of Information (following his work with the Saudi Embassy in Berlin) secret from @wmpeurocom 's Board of Directors.
He had used unethical methods to promote a hyperbolized, if not outright mendacious, brochure that was supposed to improve the image of #KSA and the royal family. He had promised a list of high level political and business context to the Saudis as part of his business.
A strategy paper developed by Inacker was leaked to the papers showing unethical, and possibly illegal pressure on ten journalists to switch their "tone" on #KSA as a result of Inacker's lobbying efforts.
However, despite throwing these journalists under the bus, by his own admission Inacker did not appear to have succeeded in pressuring them to "switch their tone". This shows Inacker's duplicity: 1) he lied to his Saudi clients about his alleged success.
2.) Inacker threw journalists under the bus exposing their names to the public and damaging their credibility and careers despite having failed to achieve concrete results on switching tone on KSA
3) Inacker engaged in illegal methods of pressuring targets instead of allowing them to draw their own conclusions.
4) Inacker kept all of these developments from @wmpeurocom 's board in violation of his obligations as a board member.
This strategy paper ultimately damaged #Saudis as much as it damaged @wmpeurocom's reputation following the fallout from the #Khashoggi affair. #Saudis were seen as engaging in unethical whitewashing methods prior to the murder at the consulate.
But was Inacker playing a double game against his clients the whole time? Soon following the #Khashoggi PR disaster, Inacker had apparently engaged with #Qatar. The complaint demonstrates Inacker's role as an intermediary as a target of a sting operation with Jason G.
Inacker facilitated the contacts that led to Jason's meeting with #Qatar's Ambassador to Brussels. Jason G met with the Ambassador on multiple occasions and came to an agreement regarding a payment of 750K in euros in hush money for documents revealing #Qatar's HEzbullah funding.
Inacker was offered and accepted 300K in euros for his role in facilitating this arrangement. However, his role in betraying the trust of his Saudi clients also involved in dealing with what appears with a treacherous senior adviser to King Salman.
Inacker, Jason G, and a high-ranking adviser to King Salman of #KSA, "Jason" met on February 12, 2018 in a suite of the Munich luxury hotel "The Charles". At the time, Inacker was still under contract with the Saudi Ministry of Information.
The German criminal complaint against Inacker references incriminating conversations regarding arrangements for #Qatar hush money on #Hezbullah financing, and a recording involving a meeting where a third party may have been involved. Was King Salman's adviser that third party?
What is known is that the New York prosecutors are currently seeking information on the content of allegations against #Qatar. These allegations include weapons smuggling to support #Houthis in the war in #Yemen that involved a member of the Al Thani royal family in the funding.
If Inacker made the introduction of King Salman's high ranking adviser to Jason G, who was seeking hush money for documents on #Qatar's funding of terrorists, and if that adviser was party to these negotiations, then Inacker was using his Saudi client to get a cut from #Qatar.
Since Inacker was under contract with Saudi gov't at the time the meeting with King Salman's high ranking adviser take place, this indicates corruption at the highest level of Saudi government, and Inacker's unethical facilitation of collusion of a fiduciary and KSA's adversary.
Worth noting that Inacker had worked for #Qatar prior to working with the Saudi government. His contract had started in 2015 before the 2017 Gulf Crisis. Rather than informing his clients about #Qatar's overtures, however, Inacker continued double dealing.
Was Inacker being used by #Qatar the entire time, and was the contract with the Saudis merely a ruse for Inacker to win the trust of senior officials and to exploit his connections for additional money from deals with #Qataris?
The minutes of Inacker's conversations with the Saudi adviser to King Salman indicate that Inacker's double cross of his client involved recruitment of what can only be described as a high level mole.
According to Der Stern, Inacker & the Saudi adviser to King Salman, decided NOT to pass on the explosive information about #Qatar's hush money over #Hezbullah financing and funding of drones for #Houthis that had attacked Saudi civilians, but to confront #Qataris & demand a cut.
Remarkably, Inacker and the high level adviser to King Salman decided that it was more "profitable" to try to get hush money from #Qataris for their silence than to share this vital security information with Inacker's Saudi government client and with the adviser's boss, the King.
Worth noting that @wmpeurocom had been working with #Qatar as an agency until June 2017 when the conflict between KSA and #Qatar had escalated to the point "it was no longer possible" for the agency to work simultaneously with both of "the warring sides".
According to exhibits in criminal complaint against Inacker, the lobbyist kept his board in the dark about his arrangements with Jason G and the cut he was getting from the #Qatari hush money. Blinded by greed, Inacker & the Saudi adviser ignored the risks of a sting operation.

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