Sri Garuda's Blessing to Swamy Desikan.

It is said in Scriptures that the Garuda is Veda swaroopi.

Sri Appullar taught the sacred Garuda mantra to Swamy Desikan.

Swami Desika wanted to chant the Garuda mantra taught to him for many days without food and sleep to receive the blessings of the divine bird Sri Garuda.

He went to Thiruvahendrapuram and climbed the small hill there and started chanting the mantra.
Sri Garuda was pleased with the devotion of Swamy Desikan and blessed him with Sri Hayagreeva mantra and instructed him to chant it continuously to receive the blessings of Lord Haygreeva.
Then Lord Hayagreeva appeared before Swamy Desikan and blessed him with the nectar flowing from HIS mouth.

Lord Hayagreeva took the seat of Swami Desika’s tip of the tounge as prayed by him.

Also Sri Hayagreeva gave an idol of Himself for Swamy Desikan’s daily worship.
This idol or vigraha is still being preserved in the Devanatha temple in Thiruvaheendrapuram.

Swami desikan composed a lot of famous slokas like Haygreeva stotram, Devanayaka panchashat in Sanskrit and Achchutha shatakam in Prakriut & Mummanikkovai & Nava mani maalai in Tamil.

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