(EXCERPT) Here are the first excerpts to be published from my forthcoming 450-page, 1,650-endnote book PROOF OF COLLUSION. More excerpts will be released each Monday until the book's November 13 release. I hope you'll RETWEET and consider preordering here: https://t.co/ZJsnHcVwGi

2/ Each of the 14 chapters in the book is divided into three sections: Summary, Facts, and Annotated History. Summary and Facts sections are present tense; Annotated Histories are past tense. Endnote numerals follow sentences, with the endnotes themselves at the back of the book.
3/ There are zero tweets from this feed in the book. The book is written in the style of a government report, chronologically ordered. The timeframe covered by the book begins in 1987 (Chapter 1) and quickly moves to a month-by-month analysis of Trump's campaign from June '15 on.
4/ The book's 1,650 endnotes comprise about 2,000 total citations. The number of media outlets cited in the book is in the hundreds, and includes reliable media institutions from around the world. The number of people discussed is so large that we'll have to put the Index online.
5/ This book is the public record of the public investigation into Trump-Russia collusion. That means it's composed of the best investigative reporting done on this topic—including any leaks directly from Congressional and DOJ/FBI sources that were later published in major media.
6/ The average reader may be familiar with about 10% of the information in the book. 90% of it—though publicly reported across a two-year period in major media outlets the world over—will almost certainly be a total surprise to the average reader, who simply never encountered it.
7/ Excerpt 1 comes from an Annotated History section; Excerpts 2 and 3 come from a Facts section; Excerpt 4 comes from the book's endnotes. I released one excerpt from the endnotes to show how they're formatted and to underscore that many chapters include well over 100 endnotes.
8/ Next week, one excerpt will be from a Summary, while the others will be from Facts and Annotated History sections. From there on, all publicly released excerpts will be from Facts and Annotated History sections exclusively. I just wanted everyone to see how the book is set up.
9/ Nearly every speculation about this book was false. It does not include any of my tweets. It does not include my opinions. It does not include unsourced material. It is not composed of facts you've already seen; most readers will be encountering these facts for the first time.
10/ The book's massive Index will be published for free online to ensure that it's searchable and doesn't overwhelm the book, which I can tell you from having held the galley—which is softcover, rather than the hardcover coming November 13—is already *literally* heavy with proof.
11/ The book takes readers up to the very second of Mueller's DOJ-mandated (or -advised) 60-day pre-election pause. That said, news stories from October '18 onward are being compiled, curated, synthesized, and connected to the rest of the book in anticipation of updated editions.
12/ This book intends to be as full and complete a record of everything publicly known about the Trump-Russia investigation as is practicable; because of its endnotes and 100+ narrative threads, any reader also has—with this book—a starting point for additional "very deep dives."

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(1) Kushner is worth $324 million.
(2) Since 2016, Kushner has connived, with Saudi help, to force the Qataris (literally at a ship's gunpoint) to "loan" him $900 million.
(3) This is consistent with the Steele dossier.
(4) Kushner is unlikely to ever have to pay the "loan" back.

2/ So as you read about his tax practices, you should take from it that it's practices of this sort that ensure that he's able to extort money from foreign governments while Trump is POTUS without ever having to pay the money back. It also explains why he's in the Saudis' pocket.

3/ It's why the Saudis *say* he's in their pocket. It's why emoluments and federal bribery statutes matter. It's why Kushner was talking to the Saudi Crown Prince the day before the murdered Washington Post journalist was taken. It's why the Trump administration now does nothing.

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