Programmers, if your resume isn't getting you job interviews, here's what you're doing wrong:

1. Limiting your scope

Don’t say “React Developer” ❌
Say “Frontend Developer” ✅

Your projects in React will prove understand frontend well and are capable of learning more frameworks.
2. Being very general in your experience/internships section.

Don’t say “Created apis for frontend” ❌

Say “Created express nodejs apis to fetch user data from Cosmos DB” ✅

It helps with keyword matching & also improves credibility of your statement
3. Focusing on certifications instead of projects

“Completed ‘Introduction to JAVA’ course on Udemy” has low/no value. ❌

“Built a JAVA springboot application…” has high value ✅
4. Not being relavent enough

Mentioning your Machine Learning projects for a frontend engineer position isn’t relavent.

Similarly expanding your “Digital Marketer” experience into 6 big points isn’t gonna help for a Software Engineer position.

Keep irrelevant experiences short
5. Telling long stories

Don’t write paragraphs explaining your position, projects or current situation. ❌

Your resume should contain facts and concise single sentence points explaining technical details of your projects and experience ✅

Save your stories for the interview
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